Sentai Badass Moment: Ryou Beats Jin Matoba and Pot Taoist in Just One Episode!

Episode 27 of Dairanger features Ryou finally getting even with Jin Matoba and the Pot Taoist. Earlier on, the Pot Taoist kidnapped the other Dairangers. Ryou undergoes a severe training to defeat Jin Matoba. Now for more action!

The two are fated to battle. Ryou is agitated by Jin Matoba's actions! The battle is about to begin after Ryou's intense training.

Water battle... Inoue style. At the end of the episode, Jin Matoba falls into the ocean!

It's a huge leap... we NEVER see this out of suit in Dairanger! Both are serious with their battles!

Now Ryou reveals he's been training hard. He has springs over his body, possibly a symbol of SPRINGING BACK INTO ACTION!

Ryou is VERY ANGRY! Jin Matoba is ready to face him in battle!

Jin Matoba isn't going to easily go down without a fight won't he?

Ryou is on the rage. While Hoji's fight scene was great but this has much more badass choreography!

Ryou finally sees through Jin Matoba's fighting style. It gets awesome how he does it! He saw through Jin Matoba's kenpo and he shows real badass fighting. One of my favorite reds, Ryu Tendo wasn't able to do much of that against Tranza.

This is where it gets really intense!

Woah that has got to hurt!

Not just eye candy... Ryou shows he's not just a pretty boy. He shows his punch and...

Jin Matoba gets beaten and falls into the ocean. But that's not all... this episode also features the concluding battle! He goes to fight the Pot Taoist just right after beating Jin Matoba!

Ryou turns into Ryuuranger, beats up the Pot Taoist. The Pot Taoist had caught his other teammates. Now as Ryuuranger, he shows he's one badass red. It's not easy to take Ryou down!

Just in time, the Meteor Flash punch is about to be revealed as ONE AWESOME MOVE! It's a series of lightning fast punches. I would admit, if I were hit by it, I'd be dead by now!

The final punch is ONE huge awesome one. Hehehehehe... and that's why Ryou is one badass red!!!!


  1. If Dairangers was full used for MMPR season 2. Jason would not and could not been written to fight as villain such as Demon Boxer Jin!!! For sure this arc is very much of a Golden Harvest flick!!!


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