Sentai Badass Moment: Takeru Using the Godhand Technique!

Here's another badass Sentai moment that's hard to find in today's Sentai.  The first Takeru shows one technique that really increased their input of Aura Power.

The episode has Takeru actually realizing some power he didn't have.  It's called the "God Hand".  This episode's monster Drill Dogra couldn't be defeated by conventional weapons BUT it certainly can be defeated by one amazing technique called the "God Hand".

What makes this episode amazing is that Takeru tries to unleash his Aura Power in battle while in danger.  Which made me think... what in the world was he thinking?!  No matter how weird this scene is, what happens next explains why he's my favorite Maskman.

This one... Takeru uses his glowing fist to counter the monster.  It's far more badass than Takeru Shiba using the Kabuto Origami disk to defeat Yanasudare.  The next scene even amazes me more.

Well that was one incredibly badass way to do it.  What was funny though is that Drill Dogra didn't explode in spite of that hole in the stomach.  Later, the Great Five also uses the same God Hand.  I would believe this episode was going to serve as a development stage for Dairanger's more amazing martial arts.