Sentai Badass Moment Villain Edition: Jin Matoba's Introduction!


Jin Matoba is one awesome villain.  Now I personally think he's sort of a tribute to Tranza being a dangerous braggart.  He's got a prosthetic hand, he rivals the red ranger and he is a menace you can't discount.  But unlike Tranza, he has a more honorable rivalry with the red ranger.  Now here's why you can't mess up with Jin Matoba!  This happens in Dairanger episode 26!

First introduction is really badass.  Ryou faces Jin who has been killing martial arts instructors.  The reason was that he lost his arm to his martial arts master.  Now he's become a madman wanting to have his revenge on EVERY martial arts master, while devoting himself to the dark side.  What makes him cooler than Tranza is that he doesn't need any Boltranza Sword and two, he really has got those moves.  We never saw Tranza vs. Red Hawk fight like this didn't we?

What I really love about this scene is that Ryou shows some flashy moves and so does Tranza ahem Jin... so I did that on purpose.  I felt like this episode was experimented on in Jetman when Ryu fought Tranza out of suit.  Provided that Toshiki Inoue wrote the Jin Matoba episodes, it's not easy to see how he modified his idea into this arc. =)

Ryou is certainly pissed off.  He just couldn't see through Jin Matoba's fighting style!

To show this character is a better version of Tranza, Jin Matoba BREAKS the sword bare-handed.  To be honest, I wish this scene happened in Jetman.  Just think what if Tranza broke Ryu's Bringer Sword bare handed?  I also thought maybe, just maybe Tranza could have also done that to Radiguet.  My only complaint about his character is that he didn't have too much interaction with Shadam.

 Ryou has more than he bargained for.  Jin Matoba is one aggressive killer and you can't really just get rid of him!

Ryu ahem Ryou tries to talk sense into Jin Matoba.  To be honest, this scene beats Tranza's introduction in Jetman.  Ryuuranger shows he's one incredibly badass red ranger.

Ryou vs. Jin Matoba comes in an interesting fight.  Jin proves himself by doing what Tranza failed to do...

This scene makes me gush.  Just think of ALL that awesome action released!

Ryou shows he's determined not to lose but he's going to lose in this episode.  But don't worry he springs back!

Just what that scene in Jetman needed.  Ryu actually getting more aggressive out of suit.  Well Ryou proves himself to be badass in this scene.

With a KiRyoku, Ryou beats Jin for the moment but...

After that Jin gets REALLY badass!  See what I mean?!

Poor Ryou... not even Ryu in Jetman got this bloodied!  Man I really felt like the fight scenes were done well by Keiichi Wada and Yutaka Hirose!


  1. Now, Jin has much more difference then Tranza. Where as Jin has a fetish to kill martial arts master whether they deserve it or not!!!
    Tranza is in the same line as Doctor Kemp, and Let Wanda as they are very much the same character Hirose plays!!!

    Jin is the first step that Hirose would even closely portray a hero as the character would actually prove to be a anti hero in the end of his story and it is revealed that he could have been a Martial Sensei if he did not became a killer full time.

    It was incredible that Ryou survived Jin's Demon Wind Fist technique as he should have died!!!

    But I don't think Jin can beat Rio of the Rinjuken!

    Hirose would later play a hero/antihero of Rian in Brave Command Dagwon!

    Did Tendoh and Tranza ever fight like this, no big cause Ryu Tendoh is no Goro Hoshino of Gorangers or Kotaro Tanaka isn't that physical as a stuntman.


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