Sentai Injustice: Messiah's Destruction on Christmas Eve!

I always thought that Messiah in Gobusters could have been more utilized but sigh why do I feel like he's an underutilized Venjix?  To be honest, I even find Enter REALLY ANNOYING.  What did think of Messiah's shutdown in episode 44?  I felt like the Messiah's true purpose wasn't really fulfilled.  In my opinion, he should have been written back into the finale.  However this is just my opinion on how Messiah should have been ended.

So why just limit Messiah's death to Christmas Eve?  I always thought that one way or another, I wanted Enter to really get some payback.  I mean, that Enter is more annoying than entertaining.  I always thought that maybe let the Gobusters and Enter think that Messiah is dead.  I dunno who's to blame between Yasuko Kobayashi or Naomi Takebe for this injustice.  I always thought that maybe let Enter be dormant for a few episodes.  Let Enter absorb the Messiah Card into himself but it creates the ultimate backfire.  Let everyone show that the Messiah is not a foe you can so easily crush down.

My wishful thinking towards Messiah's finale is this.  He gets reactivated inside Enter's body.  This may happen after Escape was destroyed by Enter for good.  Maybe, we can reveal that Escape being an extension of Messiah would transfer the data into Enter's body.  I would probably have some dialogue that will reveal a much chilling story towards Messiah's return.  The dialogue will go like, "So you thought you aborted me last Christmas Eve?  Let's face it!  You cannot destroy the Messiah virus and I am here, back in Enter's body!"  Enter tries to struggle with Messiah taking over his consciousness but it's too late! Messiah has returned!

We can have Messiah return another way.  I can imagine all the junk piling up nearby and suddenly, Messiah appears speaking like, "So you thought you could betray me Enter.  Well then, I have bad news for you!"  A newer, stronger version of Messiah enters and fires a laser beam, killing Enter for good.  Or maybe, in that junk form, the Messiah can soon release some cables and take over Enter's body. He says, "The Messiah Cards were guaranteed I cannot be destroyed!  I am eternal!"  To add some dramatic effect, get all of Tokyo or maybe all of the world infected with the Messiah virus which will make him a really daunting foe!

Then we can kick in the plot where Jin Masato dies his heroic death.  It's somewhat hinted he's going to die.  We might reveal the necessary sacrifice that Jin reveals is needed to delete Messiah once and for all.  Messiah might even say, "Your pitiful human emotions will get you to die.  You can't sacrifice Jin Masato can you?!"  I might have him gleefully torture the Gobusters during the finale.  I might add more drama such as inserting Jin's data to disinfect the network systems off the Messiah so they can destroy him.  With the Messiah's rejuvenation power gone, they finally destroy him for good or is it?


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