Sentai Rangers Who Faked Defection

In Super Sentai, we have the art of deception.  Here's some rangers I remembered faked their deception:

Haruka and Momoko pretended to be under the control of Kiros in Maskman episode 41.  They supposedly robbed shops but it was all an act.  Not even the Maskmen knew what went on. =P  I enjoyed all the gun action they did.

Haruna faked defection in Turboranger episode 19.  This was done to get the antidote from Zulten.  It was also pretty badass for me.

Kasumi faked defection in Fiveman episode 32.  Chevalier killed Gaku Hoshikawa.  To bring him back to life with the time-controlling monster, she faked defection.  I would admit Chevalier was too stupid to fall for such a trick.

Ryu in Jetman episode 34 pretended to defect to Vyram.  Actually he used a robot version of himself which I think was beyond him.  He was able to deceive both Vyram and his comrades in the process.

Juri in Ohranger episode 9 pretended to defect to Baranoia.  For Bacchushund though, he was able to warn Bara Darts on it so it wasn't all that effective.  It took both Momo and Juri to actually get the antidote for the others.  

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Would Jiraiya of Kakuranger count? Then again, he hadn't officially joined the team yet.


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