Sentai Speculation: How In the World Did Shadam Stage Everything Before Dairanger Started?!

Dairanger's mystery was its own ending... why were they all clay?  I just thought of how Zaidos, the fake Gara and Gorma XV all crumbled into dust.  So what was Shadam really planning?  How did he set the whole stage for Gorma?  Now here's my speculation based on the events of Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

So let's just say Shadam was a master sorcerer of sorts.  He knew spirit transfer.  I guess that could explain why the clay Shadam was like the real Shadam because they were just one person, except the spirit was no longer in his original body.  Dairanger's finale arc also revealed Shadam creating a clay puppet out of Gorma XV.  But one has to think how did the clay copy even have the memories of the real one?  One may think of spirit transfer as a possible solution.  Remember the Gorma Senate complained there was no emperor.  So I guess spirit transfer would explain why Gorma XV though existing as a clay puppet acted like he was the real deal.  Shadam gave life to it... so could it be spirit transfer?

So what could have been his plan?  So 6,000 years ago we realize that Gorma XV died or the emperor was dying.  Shadam knew he can't really immediately take control, created a clay body and transferred Gorma XV's soul into it.  With that, he can toy around with Gorma XV for all he cared.  He possibly knew that a dying emperor may not be the best puppet so he created a clay body for that reason.

Next is Gara.  So in the end, the clay Gara meets Kujaku and why did she have memories of Gara if her soul already ascended?  Now here's my crackpot theory behind Shadam's grand conspiracy.  So it's possible that the real Gara did fall into Gorma and there was a grudge.  Shadam found the real Gara dead and created a clay body for her.  Maybe only after Kujaku cured Gara's eyes from their blindness, did the soul escape from the clay body but only in part.  Remember Kujaku said that the soul of Gara already ascended.  So what if the clay Gara possessed half of the real Gara's soul and it had to be destroyed?

Let's take a look at the backstory.  Gara did hold a grudge but later, Kujaku revealed that they had reconciled in Heaven.  So what was really going on?  Perhaps it was this... Gara was dying and had an inner struggle.  Maybe before Shadam created Gara's clay self, Gara struggled between forgiveness and bitterness against Kujaku.  He possibly took Gara's soul and transferred it into a clay body.  As far as the real Gara's ascension was, it's highly possible that the real Gara got split into two beings in the process.  I mean, how can the clay Gara even possess memories of the real Gara?  Perhaps Shadam expelled whatever good was in Gara which resulted to the ascension... which is unknown when it happened.

Well now why is Shadam a mud puppet?  After he boasted to Gorma XV of supposedly reviving the latter in a body of clay, why was he clay?  Why did he even realize he was a clay puppet?  Yet as a clay puppet HE HAD ALL THE MEMORIES OF THE REAL SHADAM?!  Perhaps he was a victim of his very own conspiracy.  So I guess this guy just refused to die and in the process, maybe he was mortally wounded so he created his clay body and breathed life into it with his very own soul.  He could have done that but in madness, forgot he was no longer in his body.  He had the memories of his wife, his two sons, Gorma XV and just about everyone and bragged about his evil conspiracy.

In arranging his conspiracy to rule the world, he created the clay bodies just so he can accomplish his own puppet theater, the irony is he was both a puppet master and a puppet at the same time.  I just want to imagine him like Palpatine in Star Wars: Dark Empire.  With a few Star Wars references like Zhang Liao being a Darth Vader, Gorma XV being an old man emperor and well... there's no reason not to believe Shadam could use spirit transfer.  Again, 6,000 years is a VERY LONG TIME so when Shadam possessed the clay body, he may have forgotten he was a clay puppet himself.  In fact, the Gorma was dust until the next fifty years.

So I also want to insert it.. when were Kou and Akomaru born?  It feels like a loose end to the story.  Again, it's possible that Kou and Akomaru are biologically nine but are chronologically much order.  The Gorma was somewhat sealed off and later they returned.  Perhaps these people were also all sealed off.  So while they had millenniums of not celebrating their next birthday because they were in suspended animation, they later had celebrated their birthdays.  On the other hand, in the middle of it all, Tenpou may have adopted Akomaru in the middle of the conflict.  Still, it's best to use your imagination.

The ending felt like this, Shadam wondered why in the world was he a mud puppet?  It felt like a very loose end.  The Dairangers were even prepared for any enemy that could rise up but nothing happened after that.  So it's best to conclude that the clay Shadam did possess the evil soul of the real one.  Shadam does have great amounts of madness, who knows if his soul couldn't enter the afterlife because of his great insanity?  Again, you can't deny he's one motherf***er villain who probably died as a result of his own deceptive actions and cruelty towards everyone.


  1. I've asked this same question and still cannot find an answer. The writers need to clear the air. There is a huge flaw in your theory. How is Shadam Kou's father? Shadam was not revived at the time Kou would be born.

    1. Maybe Kou and Akomaru entered into suspended animation like Kirika did in Turboranger.


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