Sentai WTF Moment: A Real Lack of Common Sense in Bioman Episode 12!

Bioman episode 12 was one Bioman episode I thought had my head scratching. Not to mention, it wasn't even funny. This is where I start with the WTF series where I tackle areas in Super Sentai that are absurd to the point they're not even funny. I agree with Ukiya Seed with some of the issues presented in this post.

The episode featured Mason's plan to replicate all intruders into Mecha Humans. So what's the point in keeping them around?! I would have probably just killed them unless they held important information. Locking people up in a cell for me was stupid considering this... sooner or later, there will be more intruders and locking them up won't be too much help. Now for Mason's plan against Green Two.

It's a good plan to actually replicate the boy's father. It can create confusion to the boy. However the real problem is a lack of common sense makes Mason's plan super effective for the moment. So why do I think it's stupid? For starters, humans DO NOT explode when you slash them. Green Two just saw the human EXPLODE and he's fought Mecha Humans before... and now he thinks he accidentally killed a human?! He wasn't using his pistol or anything that could have caused a human to explode.

Now I can understand (in part) about the boy but part of me thinks it's a lack of common sense. I think the child by now knows that the story of Red Riding Hood and The Seven Little Kids was just a story. But made me wonder, how can he think that by a mere slash, his dad EXPLODES?! Boy, I wonder what was in Green Two's head? I just thought that this was one stupid scene. Perhaps it was meant to be a Public Service Announcement that humans don't explode.


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