Similarities I've Observed Between Gingaman and Shinkenger

While watching Gingaman (hopefully I'll see more subs soon), I have noticed the following similarities between both series aside from Yasuko Kobayashi being their head writer, the color arrangement of the first five rangers and the animal motif.  So what's in common between them even if there's some character uniqueness?

Both the Gingamen and Shinkenger inherit their legacy by lineage.  Shinkenger has 18 Generations and Gingaman has 133 Generations of ancient warriors who protect the Earth with elemental powers.  It's lineage based for both teams who use the inner energy within them.  The Gingamen have Earth Power, the Shinkengers have Mojikara.  They are also a team of swordsmen.

Now to take a look at other similarities:

Stand-in Red Rangers for the real red rangers.  Shinkenger had Takeru Shiba as a stand-in decoy for the real 18th head, Kaoru Shiba who is the true Shinken Red, he is a decoy Shinken Red.  Gingaman had Ryoma standing in the place of his brother Hyuga who they thought had died... but wasn't.  Both of them had a lion motif and fire for elemental power.

Comic relief blue rangers.  Now while Ryunosuke is nowhere near as strong as Gouki but they are comic reliefs, they tend to be emotional and comical while they are dedicated to their jobs.  Both of them also control water as their element.

The pink rangers of their shows love children.  But that's been quite common with a lot of pink rangers for them to love children.  However I like Mako more than Saya, even if I like Gingaman more than Shinkenger.  In my opinion, Kobayashi wrote Mako better with her rivalry with Dayu.

The villains had these few similarities... but only very few.  Both the Balban and the Gedoushu were focused on trying to get their vessels to attack our world.

Zahab wants to revive Daitanix so he can turn the Earth into a jewel.  Doukoku wants to harvest negative energies so the Sanzu River can reach the surface world, allowing him to attack indiscriminately.

Both big bads had an adviser in Pucrates and Shitari.  Both villains are scholarly who seek methods to accomplish their master's goals.  Pucrates finds ways to revive Daitanix.  Shitari finds ways to increase the Sanzu River's waters.

Both had a nasty bitch serving them namely Shelinda and Dayu, though Dayu and Shelinda are hardly alike.  Shelinda is a cruel bitch who fights Hayate.  Dayu held through her grudge that the man she loves, does not love her and she fights Mako.

In my case, I wish Shinkenger had more villains like Gingaman did and not just Akumaro the treacherous or Juzo the neutrally aligned one.


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