Super Sentai Series That Got Me Familiar with Some Sentai Head Writers

Here's another confession of how I knew some head writers first BY CONTEMPORARY series.  So I'll give my confession to show how I'm no longer pretending to be a know it all:

Bioman is my first Hirohisa Soda series (but I'm now wanting more subs, that English dub is AWFUL and I'm not even entertained by it anymore) and my very first Super Sentai, no questions asked.  Back then I had no idea he was also the head writer of Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Goggle V.  I had no idea he was also the head writer of Dynaman, Changeman, Flashman, Liveman... Super Sentai series I only knew existed when I was 16 years old!

Jetman was the show that got me introduced to the writer Toshiki Inoue (I only Googled it as an adult).  For me, I felt mixed why Inoue hasn't written another Super Sentai before he burnt out after Agito.  In my case, I didn't expect Inoue to burn out that fast.  I do like Kiva but I dislike Faiz, I do like Agito more than Kiva.  It was hard to imagine though that Inoue would later jump into bad comedy after writing darker and edgier stuff like Jetman, Agito and Faiz.  Also it was hard to believe after a nice show like Jetman, Inoue just started to dwindle down post Agito.

Boukenger introduced me to writer Sho Aikawa who was also the writer of Blade.  I still like Boukenger (but not as much as I used to) and I love Blade.  Seeing both Boukenger and Blade, it was a transition from the dark and edgy (Blade) to the rather lighthearted, reckless show that is Boukenger.

Dekaranger IS my first Super Sentai with Naruhisa Arakawa as its head writer.  Back then, I had really no idea how to discuss Abaranger (only saw bits of it) and Arakawa's first work Kuuga.  So Kuuga was a serious series, Dekaranger was on the balance of dark and light themes.  Dekaranger would also introduce to me the concept of Arakawa's pleasant surprise... Doggie seemed dead in the finale but was surprisingly alive.  So I wasn't exactly surprised how Arakawa wrote epilogue of Kuuga... we think the hero is gone but... he's alive!

Shinkenger is my first Yasuko Kobayashi Super Sentai to view, not just merely read synopsis.  While Shinkenger was a lighter and softer show, I was surprised to find out that the same head writer was also the head writer of Gingaman, Timeranger and Ryuki.  Later, it wasn't all that surprising that Yasuko Kobayashi was also the head writer of Den-O and OOO.

Zyuranger is my first Sugimura series although I didn't watch it from start to end back then as Dairanger is my first Super Sentai to watch from start to end.  I first watched it raw on Youtube.  So Zyuranger was more serious than MMPR... and we had to face Burai's death.  Looking at how Zyuranger was, I'm not surprised that Dairanger and Kakuranger were serious series as well.

Gaoranger is my first series to get me introduced to head wirter Junki Takegami.  What wasn't surprising for me was that he wrote Megaranger and Go-onger, also fun seasons.  What surprised me was that he was the head writer of GogoV which even if I saw just three episodes, I can tell it's a much serious season.

Gekiranger got me introduced to the Michiko Yokote trio as a headwriting team.  What surprised me is that after Gekiranger, I really got disappointed with Goseiger which they were also the headwriting team. =P

Magiranger introduced me to head writer Atsushi Maekawa.  I first thought the series was nice but later, my opinion changed.  Fiveman is WAY better for me now!