The Megaranger Christmas Special

Megaranger presented the first teenagers with attitude Christmas in Japan. Turboranger didn't have this while Dairanger and Kakuranger had Christmas specials. In this one, it specifically wraps up the Nejiranger Arc (though they return in the Hinelar City Arc). Episodes 42-43 feature the fight before Christmas.

What amazed me is how the remaining Nejirangers still pose a threat, even if they are down to three. Miku is in a mute dilemma which is broken when someone's baby almost got ran over by a car. Fortunate Yuusaku as "Santa Claus" appears which lures away the Nejirangers. The Megarangers are excited about Christmas but can they save everybody else's holiday? The Nejirangers are in human form looking for the remaining Megarangers.

The remaining Nejirangers engage the Megarangers in battle.  They are enlarged to which they gain the upper hand BY capturing the mecha for part one.  On the other hand, Dr. Hinelar's plans are about to be set in motion.

Just as Nejire Red finds out they are but disposables, Dr. Hinelar manages to solve his problem by brainwashing the Nejirangers into doing his final bidding.  Somehow like Dr. Man, Dr. Hinelar always has a back-up plan to ensure his plans go smoothly.  He had prepared his takeover of the Nejire Kingdom, even if it meant disposing of the Nejirangers at his convenience.

Galaxy Mega makes a return to help out since Nejire Yellow possessed Mega Voyager.  It was also a real moment of badass to get her out of the systems of Mega Voyager.  The battle was a tough one but they all managed to defeat the remaining Nejirangers.  The Nejirangers are defeated at the same time, allowing Dr. Hinelar to achieve his dream of taking over the Nejire.

The Megarangers celebrate that they won the fight before Christmas.  The worst is yet to come as Dr. Hinelar plans his final attack against humanity.   Then we have a New Year Clip Show which I usually skip when I'm rewatching Megaranger.


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