Timeranger's Christmas Episodes

Timeranger had a three parter Christmas episode which focused on fighting destiny in itself.  It also featured the appearance of the 31st Century Asami douche Tatsuya arriving into the present to "take command".  I'd also share my reaction to this one a lot considering Tatsuya is my currently favorite shade of red by Yasuko Kobayashi.

What's my impression of Ryuya?  He's stern, he's cold and he really annoys me a lot.  Again, it's not surprising since he's also a descendant of Wataru who is cold.  We also discover more of the Asamis in this... it seems being stiff is part of their family line.  One cannot be certain what happened in between 1,000 years and why Ryuya is like that.  To be honest, I wonder what really happened that caused the Asamis to carry on the value of being cold-hearted from Tatsuya's unseen grandfather, Wataru Asami and then down to Ryuya.  In the end of the special, he has time fixed and he is later seen drinking red wine, pleased with himself.

Tatsuya must fight with destiny itself.  One way or another, it's recorded that his father is going to die, he will take over the company.  This results to that emotionless douche Ryuya taking over the post as Time Red (for now).  The same plot was added into Time Force but remember, Yuuri NEVER had a relationship with Ryuya.  The Wes/Jen relationship was purely Time Force.  We also learn that his father wanted to run away from the Asami destiny.  So I guess being inflexible went all the way from Tatsuya's paternal grandpa to his father.  Fortunately, some part of history is changed which Wataru lives which ironically later on, Ryuya dies in another way.

What annoys me (somewhat) is that again Naoto.  Provided I had problems with Hojo in Agito (a series I saw from start to end before Timeranger), I'm not surprised I am mixed on Naoto.  Naoto still reminds me of Hojo and vice versa.  It was uncalled for that he tried to seize control of the City Guardians during the time, he leads well.  Again, I still feel that Naoto is really a prototype to Agito's Hojo.  I always thought he does things uncalled for but gets heroic at the same time.  I just thought that no matter how much he annoys me, I can't hate him either.  He even joins in the Christmas party at the end of the special.


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