Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: A Season Long Super Sentai Crossover!

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is more or less a season long crossover.  In what way?  Gokaiger as the 35th Anniversary of Super Sentai features a what if scenario.  This what if scenario is what if all the 34 Super Sentai existed in the 35th season.  While the Sentai timeline is non-existent for majority of Sentai's seasons, if not at all, one can see Gokaiger as a what if scenario.

Event he first episode is a major crossover.  Prior to the start of the plot, the 34 Super Sentai led by the Gorangers battle the Zangyack Empire's massive invasion.  In the process, they sacrifice their powers to defeat the Armada.  In return, all the powers become Ranger Keys which while directly accessible to its original user, only a Mobirate User may use them.  Like Kamen Rider Decade but way better, the Gokaigers can access the power of the 34 other Super Sentai.

For a bit of nostalgia, I always thought that having Navi as a navigator bird was similar to having Tac in Timeranger.  Although, I would admit I like Timeranger better than Gokaiger.  But enough of that.  Let's move on to see how the series was a real season long crossover with most of Super Sentai!

Aka Red is a VS. Universe only character who was born out of the dream for justice.  He first appeared in Boukenger VS. Super Sentai (which Boukenger may exist in the VS. Universe or not seems to be viewer's decision).  He is given a connected plot with the Gokaigers.  In this alternate continuity, Aka Red was once a mate of Gokai Red.

Most of Gokaiger's powers and mecha were also a result of a crossover than a self-operationg continuity.  The Gokaigers while they unlocked the Greater Power, they also unlocked certain mecha.  For example, in this continuity the Gao Lion actually merges with the Gokaioh.  While in Gaoranger's self-operating continuity, it remained in Gao Rock.  However not all the Greater Powers introduced a new mecha.

Still wished this were Gai Ikari meeting Gai Yuki

In order to unleash the Greater Power, the Gokaiger must meet with certain past Sentai alumni.  The series itself had a lot of guest characters making cameos or having focus.  I always thought of it that while the whole series can't cover up every Sentai, still it made a great effort to do so.  Unlike Decade's traveling into various world, they ran into a guest of the week for most of the season.  Only a few seasons didn't have a guest for the week.  My favorite episode was the Dairanger one.

Some episodes brought back some old seniors back from the 90s as themselves.  It's really impressive how Gokaiger managed to bring some of them back.  Not everyone could be brought back but they really made a huge effort to do so.

The 199 Hero Battle movie also featured the Gokaigers teaming up with the Goseigers.  The Gokaigers were featured in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger crossover.  For some reason, non-canon crossovers now have the habit of introducing the next Sentai group.

The addition of Gai Ikari into the group well, makes you want to be in the show.  He is the Super Sentai fan who gets to be a Super Sentai warrior.  To bad he never got to meet Gai Yuki, dang it Toshiki Inoue!  Before Gai Ikari, they were simply scattered with clues but with his arrival, the Gokaigers start to know the Super Sentai series that existed with them in the whole crossover universe.

My favorite crossover had to be where the Gokaigers teams up with Gavan in the movie anyway.  Later on the Gokaigers would be featured in Gokaiger vs. Gobusters, Super Hero Taisen and Super Hero Taisen Z because of their being a VS. Continuity only Super Sentai.

However in terms of anniversary seasons post-Timeranger, I still prefer Gaoranger and Boukenger over Gokaiger.  Hehehehehehehe!


  1. With the budget and too many characters, they really punked out in having characters such as Red One, Goggle Black, Dyna Pink, Red Turbo, Vul Eagle 2, Change Griffin, Green Flash, Five Yellow and Blue Mask or Red Mask( who was seen with in the crowed when filming) should have had primary interactions with the Gokaigers. The Liveman episode was a homage to Liveman fans and it was good to see You Oohara back after 23 years. I would have opted to see Megumi Misaaki to return as she wanted to make a cameo in Gokaugers.


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