My Current List Of The Most Cruel Villains In Super Sentai!

So based on a list of villains from Sentai series I've seen from start to end AND my current viewing (Gingaman with 38 episodes, Ohranger with 20 episodes, Kakuranger with 40 episodes), here are villains I considered to be really cruel. None of these villains ever had any moments of being funny. These villains are those who make it into the top list of being cruel.

If you don't mind being spoiled then go ahead and read. If not, don't read any further.

Doctor Man

Okay I could be biased considering he is my first Super Sentai villain. He scared me not because he was really scary, it was more or less a lot of things I wanted to do as a young child were somewhat manifest in him. These were stuff like trying to become the world's greatest genius to becoming a fully pledged mecha human. He wants to get rid of his humanity and well, he didn't really show too much care. When his mechanical son Prince "malfunctioned" he disowned his own "son" and reprogrammed him as a killing machine. Later when his real son Shuichi refused to join him, he even ordered Mason and Mettlzer to KILL HIS OWN SON he disowned. Midseason, he even had Metal Megas fire at his own Beastnoids in an attempt to destroy the Biomen (which he failed but it showed he wasn't joking). Later on, he would even make Miki the Mecha Human he made to SUFFER because she gained feelings. It's also revealed that his relationship with Dr. Shinichiro Gou was something. He betrayed his own friend just so he could gain power. In the finale arc, he even didn't show any remorse to Farrah's death when she died. After his defeat, he triggers the Anti-Bio Bomb to destroy the Earth since he can't have it. Only the last minute redemption saved him when his son Shuichi tried to reach his human side.

Queen Ahames of Amazo

She's definitely one bitch you don't want to mess with. Now I've only read Shogo's summaries and saw only a few Changeman episodes but one cannot deny SHE IS A BITCH. So she did team up with Giluke years ago to get rid of Bazoo. Later he tries to feign loyalty just to get what she wants. She even double crosses Giluke so she can get the Rigeru Aura for herself. She always focuses on making the Changemen suffer and she won't hesitate to double-cross even the others to get what she wants. Her sadism also caused her to attempt to sacrifice Shiima AND the monster Dariru just so she could defeat the Changemen. Eventually she got what she deserved when she is betrayed by Giluke and Bazoo. All her treachery made her die in such a way she deserved to die. Now only if can see more Changeman to expand on her.

Star King Bazoo

He practically dominates his empire in space AND he has no qualms about manipulating people. For some reason, he starts destroying one planet after the other. He also had kept a few planets alive and uses them to blackmail his followers. Note he was also responsible for the miseries of Icarus and Shiima. Shiima was taken away and was turned into one of his generals, turning a supposedly gentle person into an evil general. Another is that, he has no intention to keep his promises to his troopers. Anybody who knew anything about his true form (as a sentient planet) paid with their lives. Now only if I can see more Changeman.

Emperor Zeba

This guy was also a fearsome, intimidating foe. He's obviously not human but nobody dares question him. People wonder what he is... is he a demon or a deity? Everything that shrouds around Zeba and how he manipulated Tube throughout the years is really, REALLY amazing. How did Zeba stay in power? Simple... he killed all opposition, manipulated Igam like a puppet and he doesn't really care about anyone. Anything that was close to discovering his true identity, he had it destroyed. When the first clue arrived, he had no qualms about having Ijin killed because he wants to remain in power. He even had infants kidnapped and raised underground, making them his slaves to remind everyone who's boss. It's later revealed he practically had the Mereru tribe MURDERED just because their music could make his warriors peaceful. He practically sentenced Baraba to death perhaps out of fear his secret would be discovered. Later on his own backstory as being the second Lethal Doggler was practically batshit crazy. I mean, he practically ate his own "father" who conceived him out of hate. It's later discovered that not only did he kill most of the Igam family save the twins, he also showed how cruel he can be in the finale. I mean, he would have Zeba, Igam and Fumin DIE while he ascends into power. Only when the Igam twins are united can he be truly destroyed.

Thief Knight Kiros

He's not aligned to Tube, he usually operates alone and hires monsters of the week to do his bidding? What's the big deal with him? Don't forget that he destroyed the Shot Bomber himself, he always knew how to make the Maskmen's lives difficult and his hatred for Takeru and lust for Ial motivates him to do what he does. So he'll do anything to get Ial even if it means double-crossing people. During his first appearance, he showed he only looked at Ial as a trophy to gain proving he's some kind of perverted sicko. He also would try to bait out the Maskmen just do he could get his desired prize. He used Rock Doggler to bait out the Maskmen at their weakest, knowing without the Shot Bomber he may have a better chance of winning. I always thought that he really was cruel to Eri who had feelings for him. I mean, come on, he practically knew how to mess Eri big time. When Haruka and Momoko double crossed him, he had no qualms in attempting to impale them because he got fake jewels. He later went to double-cross Baraba (who was already dismissed by Zeba) so he could kill both Takeru and the latter. He later made sure Ial would be his, even forced Oyobur to melt the ice just so he could get Ial as if she will ever like him at all. All his actions led to his painful karma at the end of his term in Maskman. He saw Takeru and Ial reunite while he died from his wounds.

Great Professor Bias

He's another mad scientist that really knows how to get his job done. So what's cool is that he's played by Joji Nakata, a cool villain actor. I always thought that he was really a badass evil teacher. Plus, you can't deny he steals the brains of any of his students once they reach 1,000 points. I always thought his actions made him so despicable I couldn't feel sorry for him. He always looked at humanity with contempt. Sheesh and I thought a certain someone was problematic?! I always thought that he treats everyone was disposables. One of the ways he proved he was really cruel was when he manipulated Dr. Obular, Dr. Ashura, Butchy and Guildos as disposables so the others can reach the 1,000 IQ. He would use Dr. Obular as a disposable which in the finale, he really showed his disregard for human life. I mean, he just made Dr. Obular into a genius just so he can have additional firepower he would later throw out. Butchy and Guildos were both given false backgrounds. Later Butchy would become a victim of his cruelty when the former was of no use to him. Even when he shrank back as a kid, no amount of innocence could save him. I mean, he even used his physical status as a kid to taunt Megumi that she can't shoot him. Well, he did get what he deserved dying in front of a cross representing the guilt he had for people he murdered all the years. It almost symbolized him being haunted by his conscience as he died in delusion.

Dr. Kemp

Arguably my favorite Yutaka Hirose role as of present. So he was once Yuusuke's best friend but later, he became the worst enemy of the former. In his attempt to get rid of humanity but remain a biological being, he struggles with himself. He was able to discard every feeling of humanity he ever had. I always thought he is hateful because he always hurt the people who cared about him the most. He even hurt his former lover just because he hates humanity. He has fully absorbed the teachings of Bias. In fact, everything about this guy proved he had thrown away his humanity. In the finale, he even was willing to give his brain to his master to throw away his humanity for good. However, he ended up leading the others to rebel after he voluntary give away his brain when Megumi lectured Bias.

Princess Jarmin

As a villain, I thought Jarmin exceeded the cruelty of her comrades. For example, she was responsible for two moral event horizons. Her first was when she manipulated the Fire and Ice brothers to merge into one. Later, her worst act was to actually manipulate Suzunari Bouma. In just one episode, she destroys an entire tribe and tortures Suzunari Bouma to no end. I cannot get over what she did in that episode. Although she is loyal to Ragorn but she is also one to enforce his will with such brutality. She even felt sad with Zimba died. Too bad she was written off in episode 28 shortly after Zimba sacrificed himself for her.

Galactic Swordsman Billion

Compared to most of Fiveman's villains who were well, just say, focused on stupid schemes, I believe he should have been promoted. For example, even in an earlier episode he wanted to sacrifice his own comrade Tiger Gin JUST SO he can could kill Gaku Hoshikawa. Then later episodes always shows him mercilessly doing something beyond his comrades. He had no qualms killing Sayla who was a refugee from Silver Imperial Army Zone. He later had a lover who he manipulated and he was a false hero. I really felt sorry for his lover because she was manipulated to the very end, she even wounded herself with Billion's sword and he had NO qualms about manipulating her. It was similar to Kiros. Later, he manipulated a child into using the Galactic Demon Sword just so he could get even with Gaku. In short, he's usually focused to making Gaku's life miserable and he never has a moment to be funny. Him killing Gunther in cold blood led to his demise at Five Red's hands.

Galactic Beast Vulgyre

I cannot deny it also that Vulgyre is also that cruel. He was under the guise of Empress Meadow for some time and he used his followers, under that guise to destroy 999 planets. Life in the solar system was destroyed by him. Although his identity was poorly fitted in, I cannot deny that he even deceived Chevalier from the very beginning. What makes him also all that cruel is when he forcibly combined Dordora with Zaza. He showed no concern for his troops, all he cared about was his immortality. Later we discover during his conquest of Sidon, he fell for one of its residents Meadow to which he wanted her. He stalked her like crazy to the point she fell off the cliff.

Back Dimensional Count Radiguet

He's cruel, uncaring, what else is there to say about him? He's one badass villain considering unlike most main antagonists, he shows up more often than not. He has a huge hatred for Ryu, he practically confronted Ryu inside his Dimensional beast House Jigen, he really knows how to make the Jetmen's lives miserable and he takes delight in human suffering. Every point in his life, he really shows he's not the type of person you want to mess with. I would also say his obsession with Maria and his lust for her may suggest he's some kind of pervert. When Juuza arrived, he showed he's even more cruel than his empress. To think of it, Juuza did care about him in the past but he already wanted to kill her because of his desire to rule the Universe. When he became a human and fell for a girl named Saki (not Saki Royama), we see that he could love. Instead, he discarded his feelings for love and every chance of redemption he gets, he gets rid of it. Heck, he even killed BOTH Saki and Juuza in one episode. Juuza was a helpless bitch, I know she's a meanie but the fact he killed her while she was helpless proves how cruel he is. When Tran became Tranza, he did get some well-deserved karma but that wasn't the end of him. In the middle of Tranza's term, he also manipulated Aya into becoming a deadly commander, which I thought would have been better IF he turned her into a Vyram for that episode but get his plan defeated. In fact, later on he would manipulate Ryu (while in human form) and end up torturing a defeated Tranza. He turned Maria into a literally bloodthirsty monster for his amusement, he even killed her when he could no longer have her. So he did feel bad about killing Maria only because he was lusting after her. His great amount of cruelty makes him the most S.O.B. villain ever for many Sentai fans. Plus, having Daisuke Tachi act as him made him even more intimidating... and made me wish he were Shadam in Dairanger!


In spite of being a child in an adult's body, he was still a dangerous foe. What was pretty cool was that he got even with Radiguet, Maria and Gure who bullied him earlier. He became a threat to both the Vyram and the Jetmen. As a de-facto emperor, he really knew how to bring mayhem. He was cruel to both the Jetmen and the Vyram because of his frustrations. Even as a child, he was already crazy and sadistic. Every time the others failed him, he took pleasure in beating them up because he wanted to get even. His childish vindictiveness mixed with cruelty made him a dangerous foe. He had no qualms trying to get rid of a failed robot project. When building Veronica, he even used human beings to power his dreadful machine causing a dilemma to the Jetmen. Radiguet did manage to overthrow him though through treachery. I thought that his fate, forced to live among humans indeed is a well-deserved fate for a sadistic madman.

Lt. Colonel Shadam

Arguably Dairanger's most evil villain, he's a Radiguet 2.0 and perhaps another competitor for the complete monster trope. Okay I do think Radiguet is a little more badass it can't be denied he is in fact, Radiguet 2.0. In what way? He's cruel, cunning, callous and heck I want to bash his head for not caring about his sons Kou and Akomaru. When he had his sons is unknown. What makes him so sick is that he would even go as far as attempt to kill his own son Akomaru to avoid opposition. During that time, we know he got married to some Daos woman at some point, had twin sons and he NEVER cared about them. He and his estranged wife were never at good terms which made me think, he's a bad family man. At the same time, I always imagined what if Daisuke Tachi were him because Mikiko Miko were playing Shadam's wife. He manipulated everyone around him so he can ascend into power. He revealed that he recreated Gorma which for now, I'm just speculating on what happened. Like Radiguet, he never cared about his comrades either which he is truly a bad person to be with. After that, he even killed Master Kaku in their final duel. He later revealed that he manipulated Gorma XV for his own personal use. He in fact staged everything, revived the Emperor, Zaidos and at least half of Gara (since the other half was revealed to be in Heaven and that the evil half had to be destroyed so Gara can be whole again) then later planned to get rid of them. Too bad his death was a muddy one, not a bloody one. The name itself is already proof that, "Sh*t and damn it! It's Shadam again!" Too bad he wasn't played by Daisuke Tachi who could have made a stronger Shadam.

Junior/Gasha Dokuro

Although he appeared for only 18 episodes, he always felt like he was a real menace and he is indeed more revolting than his Power Rangers counterpart, Rito Revolto with all the evil he does in the show. I mean, he knew how to make the Kakurangers suffer like crazy. For example, he kidnaps children and he doesn't care anything and he's really active in what he does. He even killed Sandayu before he died. He would go as far as to harm even innocent children. I always thought Kenichi Endo does a good job here as Gasha Dokuro. The song "Black Prince" even describes his cruelty. Too bad in an act of Sentai injustice, he was written off having killed by Super Kakure Daishogun. Again, what if Kenichi Endo left the set for reasons of his own?

Dr. Hinelar

Although he cares about Shibolena and Yugande, but I cannot deny that he practically is a combination of Doctor Man and Dr. Lee Keflen. His reckless science drove him to his cruelty. He always viewed humanity with contempt, wanting to become the ultimate master of genetics and robotics. I even think he is more twisted than Nejire itself, which made him easily adapt to its environment and why Javious I even chose him as a deputy. He pretended to swear allegiance to Javious I but ultimately planned his master's downfall. When he realized Gurail could come in between his plans, he manipulated the former into becoming a feral beast to destroy the Megarangers. He created the Nejirangers as disposables and he had no qualms in what he does. During the time the Nejirangers appeared, he took joy in the fact he was already enemies with Dr. Kubota. He hated Dr. Kubota for the same reasons that Dr. Man would hate his former friend Dr. Shinichiro Gou. During the Hinelar City arc, we see his plan to program humanity as he sees fit, not caring about their emotions though ironically he cared about Shibolena as a daughter because she was made in his image. After discover the Megarangers' identity, he launches every possible cruel tactic just to make them suffer. I always thought that his falling away with Dr. Kubota as it was focused, always showed how cruel he can be.


A manipulative troll who appeared for a good 18 episodes. The fact he didn't hesitate to use children as shields is one trait I thought made him interesting. The plan itself almost made Kenta Date lose his confidence. Every plan he has usually involved using people around him, even his fellow Nejire. He even used the Delta Mega against the Megarangers knowing it will cause them pain. He even forcibly combined with Yugande just so he could defeat the Megarangers but the plan was thwarted. I always enjoyed how he trolled the others like Bilgenia did to the Gorgom Priests in Kamen Rider Black, it's a sad thing we don't see him troll the Nejirangers as well. Sad to say he becomes written off which I think is a Sentai injustice. I thought he should have stayed longer until the Hinelar City Arc.

Neji Sentai Nejiranger

I think they are just as equally cruel as each other, explaining why they all clash. Their first appearance had them attack people, it even had blood, something that could not be done in Power Rangers in Space. They always had their desire to destroy the Megarangers no matter what, even at the cost of innocent people. Each one of them were so twisted, you can't really sympathize with their ultimate fate. Their bad habit of double-crossing each other only destroyed them as a team. I thought it could have been interesting IF they had some interaction with Gurail.

Captain Zahab

Gingaman's big bad is one cruel person and perhaps Yasuko Kobayash's most cruel villain. So he doesn't really care what happens to planets as long as he gains immortality. He destroys every planet he comes across to with the aid of Daitanix, which he has no qualms of what happens to everybody else as long as he collects them into jewels. I always thought that the way he treats his generals (like dirt) makes him worse than Chimatsuri Doukoku. He doesn't take failure lightly as he sentenced Sanbash to death (although Sanbash died in battle), used Illies' body to prevent Daitanix from decaying, betrayed his underling Pucrates and he doesn't really care as long as Daitanix is revived. He's one extremely cruel foe but he does care about Shelinda.

Grand Witch Grandienne

I confess I haven't seen much of GogoV to fully critique her. But from looking at the fact she doesn't even care about her own children makes her so wicked. I mean, why tell one child to fire at your other child? How cruel can she get? She's almost like a combination of every historical evil queen around.

Org Highness Rasetsu

He always referred to himself as "We are the Prince of Pain." and "Prince of Despair". Unlike the other two Org Highnesses before him, he has no concern with wanton destruction. Worse he treats Yabaiba and Tsuetsue as DIRT. His first act was to get two powerful Duke Orgs and lead a rampage just to satisfy his ravenous appetite. He would always yell at Yabaiba and Tsuetsue whenever things don't go his way, in short he's a very short-fused boss. If he doesn't get what he wants, he shows how petty he can be. He would move forward to manipulate Futaro and later cause the Gaorangers to go without mecha. One of his worst deeds was to actually manipulate Tsuetsue into cutting her horn AND using her as a human shield. He always views the Orgs as disposables, something Tsuetsue later learned to accept that Duke Orgs were always meant to sacrifice themselves.

Mikoto Nakadai

Before his redemption, he is one incredible S.O.B. and a**hole. So he was an outstanding doctor, perhaps even the hottest bachelor in the Abaranger continuity. He's bored so he accepts the evil Topgaler into his life. Much of his actions seem to stem from his frustration with humanity, arrogance and self-centered behavior. He knows that he could explode with the Abarekiller suit but he just loves to play his sadistic games. He seems to live with the the mentality that if he's not happy, nobody deserves it and the way he acts, seems like it. What's cool about him as a villain is that he directs that cruelty towards the Abarangers and the Evorians. Just when the Abarangers think they have rest, he frustrates them all the more with his games focused against them and others. Truly a terrifying foe.


The wicked parasitic entity of the Evorians. Like Star King Bazoo and Vulgyre, he has no qualms about the life he destroys. One world after the other perished in his sight. He had no qualms about making Mahoro into Jannu by raping her. In short, Lijewel is his daughter by Mahoro or so we thought, he simply force grew an unborn child. With him being uncaring for everyone, I guess having part of him in Mikoto explains why the latter is crazier than expected.

Agent Abrella

Although he's the only recurring villain in Dekaranger, I still can't deny he's one sick individual. Come on, what do you expect from a person who renders services to Alienizers. He's sold lots of weapons, launched wars, screwed up lots of planets and he doesn't care really as long as he is A-OK and having lots of power in his hand. In the finale, he even took over the Dekabase and almost spelled the end of the Special Police Dekaranger as a whole.


Although Boukenger is a lighter series, he is a severe contrast to Gaja. Unlike Gaja, he hardly has any time to be funny except in the Boukenger movie. The guy almost has no sense of humor, he is manipulative and he doesn't care about human life at all. His methods of making his monsters involve having his own followers kill each other. You might consider he pretended to care for Ragi but in reality, he only wanted the Aqua Crystal. Every time he has a chance for redemption, he doesn't even accept it. Later, he teamed up with the Questers taking delight that Natsuki may soon die from using up her life force on the Lemurian Sun. He even delights in the fact she threw away his humanity which gives him the death he deserved.

Yaiba of the Darkness

Compared to the rest of the villains and I've changed my stance on Ryuon (a bit), I failed to see Yaiba was indeed more cruel than the rest of the villains. He manipulated Masumi since childhood and continued to do so as an adult. I always thought that compared to the Questers (who were goofy badass) or Ryuon (who tends to be a Radiguet parody), Gaja who tends to be a comedic Tranza... this guy would fit in Radiguet's army better. I mean, unlike Gure in Jetman who has a sense of honor, he has none and he has no comedy moment as he is one serious villain. His rivalry with Masumi is an intense one compared to Gai Yuki's vs. Gure. All I can say is while Gure has my respect, but not this guy.

Infinity Dragon Long

As Gekiranger returns to darker roots (and has a better story) while sadly not making it big in Japan, I thought he really is quite old school. He pretends to serve Rio and Mele but he was really that manipulative bastard. Although he only arrived midseason but I cannot deny how he manipulated Jan's father Dan, he manipulated Rio and he was the evil shadow. In the finale, he didn't even have qualms to killing Rio and Mele in his true form.


While Go-onger is supposedly an LMAO season but the finale felt pretty serious, which for me was a point against the show. Unlike the other Gaiarcs who are goofy and stupid, this guy really has no qualms to treat everyone like trash. He didn't even show any concern for his son. He would do anything to achieve his final ambition of polluting the Earth, even sacrificing his own followers.

Juzo Fuwa

He's a fallen human, who is half-human and half-Gedoushu. It doesn't help that he kills for pleasure and he even killed his own family. This guy became Takeru Shiba's troll. He has no allegiance whatsoever as he annoys BOTH the Shinkengers and the Gedoushu. He is cold to the core and he satisfy his bloodlust. He also dared Takeru Shiba to show up or he will kill a lot of innocent people although he would refuse to fight a weakened opponent. In the end, he was defeated by Takeru Shiba in a one on one battle.

Akumaro Sujigarano

Another villain that brought balance to Shinkenger's otherwise fun tone was Akumaro. Unlike Doukoku and Shitari who tend to be comic at times... like Doukoku CAN get funny unintentionally... this guy has no comic moments. He is a treacherous backstabber who never cares about anyone. He would even manipulate the neutral villain Juzo but was later defeated himself. His plans always involved more cruel and darker schemes than usual, unlike most of Shinkenger's half-brained plots, this guy always raised suffering to another level. He was so unusually cruel that Mako who normally relied on brains over brawn clashed against him beyond her normal ability. Later on, his plan to raise Hell on Earth resulted to him being wounded by Juzo allowing the Shinkengers to destroy him once and for all.

Basco to Joloka

While I had an issue with Gokaiger's villains but Basco? Wow I love to hate the guy. I mean, most of the villains were pretty cardboard , even Emperor Ackdos Gill who ran out of creative ideas after sending the whole Armada in the first episode (STUPID). But him? He used to be best friends with Captain Marvelous but one day betrayed his own comrades. He had no qualms with whatever he did just to get the Greatest Treasure. Whether it'd be children or adults, he shows no pity. He even killed his pet monkey Sally for the heck of it. He really deserved his bloody death at the hands of Marvelous. Although I thought it could have been better if he killed Ackdos Gill and became the final villain.


Okay I find Gobusters boring and you know that. But Enter still makes it into the list for me. He's scheming, manipulative, nothing is every funny about him. He would do anything to rise up into power, even if it was to betray Messiah and later Escape. I thought he's a real sick in the mind villain who exceeded that of Messiah. Again, I didn't like him at all but he still deserves to be in this list. However I wish Messiah returned, returned into his body and made him pay for his treachery.

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February 4, 2014


  1. You forgot Daimaou from Kakuranger. He killed his own son, and treated his own family like pawns. He even admitted at the end of episode 52 of Kakuranger that, he was impressed that the Kakurangers killed his own family.

  2. What about Emperor Lagorn from Turboranger? He looks cool. He looks scarier & crueler like a demon. His monsters look amazing!

    Oh! Here some other villains that they are best villains ever!

    Dokoku Chimatsuri - Shinkenger
    Messiah - Goseiger
    Deboth - Kyoryuger
    Emperor Of Darkness Z - Toqger
    Ginis - Zyuohger
    Don Armage - Kyuranger


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