My First Impression of Ohranger in Twenty Episodes!

So I haven't really seen much of Ohranger before, only bits and pieces of raw videos.  But with the available videos from Millionfold Curiosity (the same fan site that did Megaranger and Gingaman)... here's my impression of Ohranger (subbed) in twenty episodes!

I due fairness, I hate to admit that I feel like a "Super Sentai purist" again after seeing this.  But as said, I must cast aside my feelings for Power Rangers Zeo and focus on Ohranger as itself.  Zeo did't ruin Ohranger, it ruined itself.  I'll give my impressions on the members.

Gorou Hoshino.  Pardon me if I will start to talk like a purist but this guy KICKS ASS way better than Tommy.  For me, he is like how a grown up version of Tommy would be.  First epsiode?  Introduction was pretty badass.  This guy was the first Ohranger and he impressed everyone.  Like Ryu in Jetman, he is the first to be showered by the energy that would allow them to become Ohrangers.  He's one badass red and I think he's one of my favorite reds.

Shohei Yukaichi.  The second-in-command is a cheerful green who loves children.  I always thought that he's a more mature version of Shingo Takasugi of Bioman, both green rangers.  My favorite episode was when he practically made Bara Printer fall head over heels with Acha.  He then takes care of Bara Printer.

Yuuji Mita.  He's the reckless and childish one who I can relate to considering I have those tendencies.  Somehow I think I'm about to like him better than Gorou but only time will tell.  Why am I liking him so far?  From the episode involving two brothers to the time he befriend Bara Revenger, somehow I couldn't help but relate to him.  Somehow his weaknesses may me relate t him.  Like Ryuta Nanbara, he is both reckless and badass.

Juri Nijou.  Can't comment on her except she's badass.  I did like the part where she attempted to fool Baranoia but she did get some help from Momo.  I don't have much to say yet but she's okay.  I thought it was only normal she got duped by that pet Pinocchio, I would have been too.

Momo Marou.  Well I can't help but compare her appearance to senior actress Vilma Santos-Recto.  Heck, both actresses wore a two piece in their younger days!  So moving on, I think she's an adorable character.  My favorite episode was where she got stranded, lost her Choriki Brace and showed how she can kick Bara Magma's ass before the others helped her.

I always felt like Ohranger's beginning had some similarities to the history of the Planet Bio except it happened on Earth.  All continents were just one land mass known as Pangaea.  The Baranoia Empire led the revolt against the Choriki users.  It was like the Bio vs. Anti-Bio factions in Bioman.  So far, I had fun watching the first twenty episodes.

So what's the huge plan of Baranoia?  They consider that only they, machines, will eventually rule over humanity.  They ignore the fact they exist because they were created by ancient mankind.  Somehow like Bio Hunter Silver, these guys are obsessed with wiping out ANYTHING with the power of Choriki.  They despise love yet even in the first twenty episodes, you can see Hysteria's love for her husband and son.  Hysteria may be a villain but I can feel she cares about her family.  They are the first Sentai villains to be husband and wife... why do I have the feeling the idea was copied from Lord Zedd and Rita?!  Bacchus Wrath is a fearsome dictator and while Hysteria is evil, she does love him.  The plans of Baranoia were usually focused on getting rid of humans believing machines to be the next step of evolution.

So far, as usual, more orderly than its Power Rangers counterpart.  Ohranger Robo had at two parter arc similar to Daizyujin's in Zyuranger and Dairenoh in Dairanger.  All three series introduced a dilemma... Geki must regather his team, Ryou with his father and in Ohranger we have Chief Miura being kidnapped.  Chief Miura is one badass commander played by Hiroshi Miyauchi.

Ohranger Robo gets damaged by episode 19 so here comes Red Puncher.  Red Puncher's episode was written by Hirohisa Soda who had burnt out after Fiveman.  But for me, it was a decent episode.  The succeeding episode involving Gorou's learning punching moves from Shohei was a badass moment for me.  To be honest, I can't wait for the next releases!

20 episodes, I can't wait for the next releases. =)


  1. Man, going back to time and the mid 90s with 1995 was the best year in my life!!!
    This was the anniversary within Super Sentai and the two Ishimori Sentai is finally part of the series.
    The show was meant to be dark but because of the Aumshirikyu Sarin gas massacre it was toned done.

    The basis of the series feels very much like Changeman. With the JAF creating a taskforce to defend earth from alien invasion and Goggle V with the power granted from ancient earth civilization and the gymnastic fights.

    It featured Hiroshi Miyauchi's return in Super Sentai after the Ishimori series and the Rescue Command series and of course KR V3.

    The series also featured several Sentai alumni reappearance such as Five Blue, Col. Gara, Akomaru, Ryusuke Kaizu and Shiro Izumi which is their final appearance in both Super Sentai and t.v. alone.

    The show is fairly generic within the 20 episodes but starting the King Ranger intro and yes the other robot intro it started to move with the drama.
    The 6th Bangai hero always draws the viewing figure and Riki/King Ranger made my fan expectations. The Baranoia higher archy isn't impressive until Bomber the Great showed up and Buldont becomes Kaiser Buldont and Multiwa showed up. The fight choreography is great, the team has plenty of weapons, the robots are impressive. The Oh Robo had a interesting gimmick of the helmet personality form and my favorites of King Pyramided and the cool designed Oh Blocker.
    The cons are the Oh Ranger helmets as they are the worse next to Go Go V and ToQgers' costume.
    Characters- Oh Red Goro Hoshino is so close to Hiryu Tsurugi of Changeman.
    The Pink is back to the bubbly if not sexy Mono Maruo. She is the first of the heroine to display a body for the male fans and it was worth it. The weird thing with Oh Ranger was the constant use of Nijiiro Crystal Sky which is a very heroic if not intense song. But instead we got Ole' Ohranger which is a out of synch song and that is my opinion.
    Overall it isn't a great series but not bad

  2. Also to add is the kick ass moment and some of them where fairly brief.
    Juri must pretend to be a traitor to gain the Barascorpion's trust to obtain the antidote to save her for friends. There is a slick fight between Juri and Momou which Momou uses gung-fu spin kick to defeat her friend.
    In the episode which is Red Puncher's full story. The beginning scene where Oh Green fights if not damage Bara Boxer with his Choriki Punch that causes him to break his left hand and is unable to fully fight. We cannot say that Oh Green can't fight!

    The Bara monsters have the coolest design as the robot motiff is my favorite.


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