My Thoughts on ToQGer Having An Incoming V-Cinema

ToQGer is having a V-Cinema which were however not the non-canon VS Movies.  Instead, we have a special that takes place after the series ends.  The series that had a V-Cinema prior to ToQGer where Timeranger, Shinkenger, Goseiger, Gobusters (which they met an alternate version of Gobusters), Hurricanger (10 years after) and Kyoryuger (where it happens 100 years later).

What is amazing is that Timeranger, Shinkenger and ToQGer are Super Sentai which were under Yasuko Kobayashi.  Too bad Gingaman didn't have a V-Cinema (coincidentally Saban also promised a movie for the cast of Lost Galaxy but screwed it up).  The V-Cinema started with Timeranger where this non-canon episode had them view the Super Sentai before Timeranger.

Shinkenger's V-Cinema was a massive clip show... involving different scenarios.  The Shinkengers must overcome the illusions they are trapped in.  I thought it was a pretty silly V-Cinema which I usually don't rewatch in contrast to the series.

Goseiger's V-Cinema takes place Brajira was finally destroyed.  They must fight against King Bibi, the last of the Bibi race.  The Goseigers decided to stay behind to protect the Earth rather than go back to their home world.

Hurricanger 10 Years After and Kyoryuge 100 Years After were what if scenarios.  I haven't seen them yet so I won't comment.

Pretty much, I don't find it all that surprising that ToQGer, another Kobayashi series will get a V-Cinema in itself.


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