Planet Destroying Villain Factions in Super Sentai

Super Sentai had factions that destroyed planets namely...

Great Star League Gozma

The Great Star League Gozma from Dengeki Sentai Changeman were destroying planets. Its ruler Bazoo had a habit of conquering planets while keeping some people at his command. He has Giluke as his captain from the Planet Girath, Ahames was from the planet Amazo, Shiima was from Planet Amanga, Gator was from Planet Navi and Booba was a space pirate. Bazoo would threaten his followers with destruction of their home planets if he failed them.

Silver Imperial Army Zone

Silver Imperial Army Zone from Chikyu Sentai Fiveman had the same trend as Great Star League Gozma. Their ruler Empress Meadow ordered them to conquer one planet after the other. Many planets were declared dead as they conquered one world after the other. Sidon was one of the many planets they destroyed. During that time, Chevalier had also led in the conquest of the 999 planets that Zone had destroyed. If the 1,000th planet were destroyed, its rule Meadow would gain eternal life and Earth became their next target.

Dimensional War Party Vyram

The Vyram has been destroying worlds one after the other. They were known to have traveled through various worlds. Radiguet was known to have led the destruction of Berserk and Dimensia. Heck, Radiguet has LOT of blood in his hands, exceeding even that of Empress Juuza. They have traveled from one dimension to another, destroying everything in their path. They aim to go after Earth next.

Space Gang Bowzock

Bowzock was hired by the true antagonist Emperor Exhaus. They were responsible for the destruction of Dappu's home planet. The reason why these idiots were destroying planets was because Emperor Exhaus wanted to build an express highway for aliens, but certain planets stood in their way.

Space Pirates Balban

The Space Pirates Balban had the nasty habit of conquering planets AND turning them into jewels. In its case, they had their living pirate ship known as Daitanix. Compared to Vulgyre from Fiveman, Daitanix was under its captain's control. Daitanix would convert every planet it dives into... a gem for the Balban to collect. This habit was done 3,000 years ago and they were awakened 3,000 years later. The Balban were focused on reviving Daitanix so they can finally destroy Earth, launching one crazy scheme after the other to get it to be revived. How Captain Zahab is able to tame such a monster is one amazing feat.

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Updated on: January 4, 2014


  1. Where about Vyram, after they or Radiguet get through with Earth, he or they would have just annihilated the whole planet. Bandra and especially Dai Satan had plans to obliterate Earth as well. Dai Jinryu is not in league with Goma or Daos Clan but because of the fight it wants to destroy the Earth. The Evorian's Dezumozorlya wanted the destruction of Earth as it was both born and frustrated with the rebellion by the Abare Beasts interference. And the Deboth Army's goal wants to destroy the earth to only rid the Zyudenryus as their interference has irritated their ambitions.

  2. the Zangek empire from Gokaiger destroyed planet Familia (the planet Aim was a princess on)

  3. Bowzack from Carrangers were planning to blow up the earth.


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