Sentai Badass Villain Edition: Doctor Man Fools the Big Three!

There's no doubt Doctor Man is one awesome badass.  He did blow his cover way back in episode 19 when he said Prince was his son.  Neither Mason nor his comrades were aware of Doctor Man being human until episode 19.  Doctor Man had prepared a scheme that effectively proved he doesn't easily fall down.

In this episode, the Big Three finally decided tio get rid of Doctor Man.  That's it, we're through having a human for a leader.  Gear was a mechanical empire and they thought that Mecha Humans should not be led by a human being.  The problem already started when Prince was introduced.  Mason never expected Doctor Man to be a human.  The fact Doctor Man said, "A robot can be replaced." made everyone startle.  They couldn't believe their leader was a HUMAN!  So they conspired to kill him, it looked like he died but not if you know how terrifyingly cunning Doctor Man is!

What was really surprising was that Doctor man engineered one scheme.  Mechaclone #1 was designed to avenge him just in case he died.  What was brilliant was that Doctor Man created a Mecha Human (or Mecha Clone) version of himself.  If he could create a mechanical son in Prince, surely he could not replicate himself.  No surprise there!  What was amazing is how Doctor Man was aware of the conspiracy.  I guess he scanned the minds of the Big Three more often than not which they were unaware of!  In this case, Doctor Man scripted the death of Mecha Clone #1 up to the "secret weapon" which he actually would destroy the Biomen in one simple blow.  I always thought this was a badass moment for an old man.  Doctor Man teleports everyone back Gear showing them who's boss!

Doctor Man reprograms the Big Three to become loyal to him regardless.  He gets rid of the coup that was started by his subordinates.  Truly, a terrifyingly demonic scientist.