Sentai Rambling: Why I Believe Shinkenger Totally Overshadows Power Rangers Samurai!

After with some time rambling on everything wrong in Power Rangers Megaforce as an anniversary season, I can now ramble on what went wrong with Power Rangers Samurai. Again, this is NOT a call to become a Sentai purist but me playing my concern on the welfare of Power Rangers since it's part of Toei like Saban Entertainment, Disney and as of recent Mr. Krabs. So let's begin. I had high hopes for Haim Saban's return but Power Rangers Samurai had convinced me he has become Mr. Krabs. It's a bad comeback for Saban and this series may have hurt Power Rangers fans too.

So let's begin shall we? This show practically made me dislike Power Rangers all over again. I was hopeful Haim Saban's would revive the charm Power Rangers had. Instead, we get a spoiled rotten Krabby Patty. A very bad Krabby Patty that might land a person into the hospital after eating it. Likewise, Power Rangers Samurai may be a season that may land any person who watches Power Rangers into the hospital because of its very rotten bad content.

I can talk about the cast. The whole cast of Power Rangers Samurai is just weak, very weak and not to mention, so weak I just switch off the TV because compared to other seasons of Power Rangers that I like, the show is not even watchable for my taste. As a show, Power Rangers Samurai had majority of its acting to be pretty, pretty bad. Now for a bit of probably very biased comparison.

The main cast of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger bring life to the show. Now they are not the greatest nor as great as 80s-90s Sentai but the acting quality was really good. I always thought that the cast of Shinkenger knew how how to act out their desired characters. The cast may not be perfect nor Oscar winners but they were convincing to a certain extent. The Shinkenger cast had a great chemistry with each other. They may not be the best but they are more than watchable with both comic and serious moments the show has to offer. Shinkenger itself is also a show with better eye candy (because they can act) than Power Rangers Mega-fail.

On the other hand, I thought the main cast of Power Rangers Samurai is pretty, pretty dry. What makes matters worse is that they don't even have a script that fits them right. Oh come on Jonathan Tzachor, why are you treating an obviously non-Japanese cast as JAPANESE? The story could have been adjusted for a more American setting. Instead of thinking of how to adjust for the current cast, Tzachor becomes lazier than Shoji Yonemura and Tyuyoshi Kida in what he did with Power Rangers Samurai. Even the Mega Mode is Mega Lame... it looks ugly and stupid, not to mention unnecessary... which just hurts the franchise even more. The dubbing of the Japanese footage is just terrible and you can tell how mediocre this show is by almost everything. Heck, why did they even cast Rick Medina as Deker? Couldn't they find a better actor?

Just because the Super Sentai season is Asian based does not mean you have an excuse to make a poor adaptation. Like if you are to adapt or localize something, you need to imagine how you can match up something to a different culture. For example, Power Rangers Ninja Storm doesn't treat the whole cast as Japanese and it managed to cut through a decent season. Now I do like Hurricanger better (remember I'm biased) but you cannot deny that Ninja Storm is watchable. Power Rangers Jungle Fury was based on Gekiranger, a Chinese-themed Sentai but it was able to fit for American audiences. Power Rangers Samurai's crew and staff could have at least examined how Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury were carried out... but they were probably too lazy to do so.

Clearly, even her later works Gobusters and ToQGer ARE superior to Samurai and Megaforce....

Maybe I should bring up Yasuko Kobayashi as the writer. Although her name was credited, but the show pretty much is a disservice to her. If I'm to talk, Judd Lynn probably would have handled Samurai better. He has his own style mixed with Kobayashi's style. Kobayashi herself had the habit of mixing her original concepts with past series. Shinkenger itself has taken some ideas from a lot of past Sentai while trying to mix it with post-Timeranger Sentai. That is while Shinkenger tries to pay tribute to its predecessors, it keeps up with the trend of its time that is, less serious and more fun seasons. While Gobusters tends to get depressing but it does have a better script than Samurai and Megaforce. ToQGer is fluffy and silly but it has a more established storyline and organization.

Don't be so happy Tzachor, you are no better than Tyuyoshi Kida and Shoji Yonemura.

Jonathan Tzachor himself is probably the Shoji Yonemura of Saban just as Bruce Kalish is probably the Shoji Yonemura of Disney. One can think that also, splitting Power Rangers Samurai into "two shows" was also REALLY stupid. It was an agony to endure and I think Power Rangers fans SHOULD COMPLAIN about that treatment for Power Rangers of recent. Also while I do like Nicktoons but Power Rangers should find a different channel then. So really I would assume Tzachor if he saw Super Hero Taisen would praise it?! I think so. While Wild Force had some decent editing even with underacting, Power Rangers Samurai got really much worse.

I wanted Saban back because he had better seasons but he practically undid himself... and Power Rangers Samurai is nowhere near his better seasons.

Trying to go back to Power Rangers before the Mr. Krabs era of Saban Krabs Brands, I felt like Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Power Rangers Time Force had better respect for Yasuko Kobayashi's headwriting of Gingaman and Timeranger. Lost Galaxy tried to mix Gingaman with pre-Zyuranger elements (ex. the Lost Galaxy Rangers were soldiers like Changeman was) and Time Force tried to insert the human/mutant war something that didn't exist in Timeranger plus it had its original villain Ransik. Power Rangers Samurai does little or none to actually create a better script. I know Judd Lynn's not as great as Yasuko Kobayashi but he does put some effort. Lost Galaxy didn't look like a bootleg or stupid fan film, it practically put a lot of effort into it!

Maybe I can do some discussions on Judd Lynn's post-Zordon era and how they stand out better than Power Rangers Samurai. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy doesn't copy/paste too much from Gingaman. Now we do have the following like siblings (Mike and Leo), Magna Defender also dies like Bullblack but the series deviates from Gingaman. For example, Lost Galaxy happens in another planet, Gingaman stays on Earth. Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena are Lost Galaxy exclusives. While Captain Zahab was the main enemy of Gingaman, Captain Mutiny wasn't the main enemy of Lost Galaxy. Power Rangers Time Force injected the mutant/human war and the original villain Ransik. Both shows had good acting aside from some good writing. However I'm afraid Dino Charge will become a Dino Crap disaster assuming Judd Lynn may have decided to do crazy Inoue-ish humor.... oh please no! Just a sideline though, I still consider Gingaman and Timeranger better out of my biases though.

I feel like Power Samurai is just plain horrid, and I thought Operation Overdrive was already the worst. Nothing REALLY pleases me and this show is practically that bad for me. Plus, should I mention Power Rangers Samurai is SO FULL of bad editing, lack of original footage, etc.?! Where has the classic days of Power Rangers having more original footage gone into?! WhilePower Rangers IS NOT BOOTLEG, the whole show looks like an unlicensed film even when it practically had Toei's permission. Like Saban's Mashed Rider, Power Rangers Samurai looks more like a terrible, unlicensed fan film even when it's a legitimate production. While Toei cannot sue Mr. Krabs because they had a contract, they can definitely berate him for making a bad comeback for Power Rangers, their co-production.

Logic: If you CANNOT secure RPM cast, then Samurai/RPM should just be scrapped off. Who cares about not having a crossover all the time?!

Power Rangers Samurai's "Clash of the Red Rangers" was a horrible two parter. They could have have just thrown away the idea. Instead, they created a super duper bad version of "Shinkenger vs. Go-onger". Seriously what were the producers thinking?! Honestly speaking, if you can't do an idea right, might as well throw it away. I mean RPM was under Disney, Samurai was under Mr. Krabs. The whole special is so painful to watch. I mean, if they can't secure RPM"s cast, just forget about the special. Power Rangers Samurai could have been better off without it.

What was practically wrong with "Clash of the Red Rangers"? First, you only have Red RPM Ranger and completely ONLY IN SUIT. You don't have the whole RPM group. Unlike the Shinkenger vs. Go-onger, the two parter special was nothing more than a bad edit. I mean, even Genta's cart was slipped into it. Everything about it was a lazy fan film. Come on, they should know better than to make the two parter special as stupid as it got. Nothing in that two parter special was ever worth appreciating for me.

Seriously Mr. Krabs, Mako and Mia DO NOT LOOK ALIKE AT ALL!

I could also mention how they misused the footage of the Shinkenger Returns OVA. Now I honestly don't like the film but still, the way Saban handled the footage for his Halloween Special is pure laziness. I mean, they could have just RE-FILMED the whole scene with Erika Fong. She DOES NOT look anything like Rin Takanashi... you can ask Spike about that! Were the crew too lazy to refilm? Using Mako's concert from the OVA and using at Mia's concert DOES NOT convince me a bit. I guess even kids were suspicious. It's just horrid and more horrid. This has to be the laziest editing since Saban's Mashed Rider. Like who were the crew think they were kidding with the Dex/Kotaro Minami mashing?! This is probably the worse considering no matter how much they blur it out, you can still see MAKO! So pretty much, slam it hard!

For example, you have had FILMED some original footage involving U.S. civilians AND the costumes. Those weren't footage. For example, the whole part where Spike dreams of the Pink Samurai Ranger (but now he's dreaming of Mako) is ORIGINAL FOOTAGE. I mean, they have the costumes. Just dress Erika Fong up in a concert outfit, let her sing and that's there to it. I was wondering what did they even think of doing with Mako's concert and pass it as "Mia's concert". Those crew members need to see an eye doctor or they are just too lazy. Again, DO I NEED TO STRESS THE FACT THAT MAKO AND MIA DO NOT LOOK ALIKE?!

MMPR Season 1 is still WAY more rewatchable than Power Rangers Samurai.

Trying to redo MMPR nostalgia? Please Mr. Krabs that was SO LAST 1993 AND POWER RANGERS SAMURAI TOOK PLACE IN 2012, Power Rangers NEEDS a new gimmick every now and then. MMPR is GETTING OLD Mr. Krabs, it's not the same era anymore. Come on, Power Rangers is PRIMARILY for kids and it needs to be retooled every once in a while to click to a new generation of audience. Otherwise, Power Rangers will die on its own. I mean, I'm planning to quit Super Sentai and Power Rangers altogether but... please Mr. Krabs, be considerate TO YOUR CURRENT AUDIENCE! Most MMPR viewers have grown up and your market is primarily for kids.

I always thought of the era you are born into. For example, I was born in the 80s so normally I'd be a 90s child. That means, I would be more inclined to like Super Sentai or Power Rangers seasons back from the 90s. I may not be interested anymore in the newer seasons either because of my age (I'm turning 30 next month) or I have moved on with other stuff (ex. I'm more into Chinese entertainment now). Saban could have considered that most Power Rangers viewers today may have not even heard of MMPR at all! MMPR was very 90-ish and while it can be good to derive some elements from it... but attempting to milk it over and over produces sour milk.

Bulk and Spike finally arrive in Japan and they agree.... Shinkenger is a much better show.

Power Rangers Samurai's humor gets really bad. So I did try some Spike jokes but sad to say, they aren't really funny as I thought. I was even thinking Shinkenger's humor is MUCH MUCH better thanks to better writing AND acting. Bulk and Spike are totally useless characters who aren't going to do anything useful. Please, Bulk and Skull were growing old and why bring Spike now? Spike is better off as a guest character than a regular character. On the other hand, Spike made me develop the habit of mentioning him whenever I write something about Rin Takanashi. Maybe I just feel sorry for him and Bulk... I guess they want to move to Japan. For MMPR nostalgia, Spike really just reminds me of how useless Bulk and Skull were.

Now I could also point out MMPR season one vs. Power Rangers Samurai. MMPR Season One is the premiere of Saban's first era and PR Samurai is the premiere of Saban's second era. MMPR was full of cheap editing, no questions asked. But if there's anything that redeems the show and got it to be overextended, I would say it's the ACTING. Yeah I know they're not terrific but at least NOBODY pissed me off. I know most of them aren't that good compared to most of Zyuranger (except IMO Amy Jo Johnson did a better job than Reiko Chiba... no flames please!).

Maybe I can also give some credit to MMPR again. Unlike Power Rangers Samurai, MMPR had a certain degree of creativity but not that I want to rewatch anything beyond season one. Okay Zyuranger for me is better but MMPR still deserves a few credit. For example, MMPR does not copy/paste from MMPR, it tried to be a different show from Zyuranger. Power Rangers Samurai just copies/pastes while MMPR actually had some creative direction.

I hate to do this but I can mention how IMO Shinkenger had done some rather most likely unintended MMPR nostalgia BETTER than Power Ranger Samurai.

Well Ryunosuke got annoying (to his teammates)... and Mako's easily annoyed.

I felt like "Nightly Tears of Sympathy" was a different redo of "Different Drum" from MMPR with Ryunosuke in Billy's place and Mako in Kimberly's place. Moving on, I thought that Mako's overly blunt moment was a more mature take of Kimberly's overly blunt moment. Rather than taunt Ryunosuke, Mako simply says, "You're annoying." As said, they weren't in a relationship even when he thought they were. I always thought the episode felt like a better version of "Different Drum" with Mako although easily annoyed, simply got direct to the point.

This guy is definitely NOT the writer of Power Rangers Samurai. He would hate the show for disgracing Power Rangers.

Another better take is how a show handles comic characters. Mr. Brown was meant to last for only one episode but he has had better time than Bulk. At least this guy got to meet the Shinkengers, become better comic relief AND he even got to see battle with the Shinkengers. So pretty much, I think this guy would really have a bad reception for Power Rangers Samurai and watch the older seasons. I always thought that in Power Rangers Samurai, Bulk and Spike spent every episode as useless characters. Mr. Brown for just one episode as a guest star had way more meaning and purpose than Bulk and Spike combined.

Well... only if Skull's son Spike was as relevant as Genta.

When Genta arrived in Shinkenger, I thought, "Wowee, he feels like he's what if Skull had a son with a Japanese woman." the first time he appeared but I learned to look beyond my feelings. To be honest, he is not only comic relief character but he also contributes to plot. Spike is just a useless character that's better off not around in the show. He is comic relief AND plot material at the same time. He's not just there for laughs, he actually contributes to much of Shinkenger's plot like being Takeru Shiba's childhood friend to actually being a cool guy inventor. Spike was a character that was hardly relevant. If I'm to talk, he is WAY better than Antonio in Power Rangers Samurai too. Felix Ryan could have made a better Genta counterpart IMO but too bad he was wasted into that obnoxious guy Spike.

Yes, this special was MUCH BETTER than MMPR's "A Friend in Need" but somehow paid tribute to it at the end... with Decade going into the world of Black RX!

Kamen Rider Decade would later have the first TV crossover of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. You may get reminded of MMPR's crossover with Saban's failed Masked Rider "A Friend in Need" while watching it but it's much better for me. Somehow, the whole two-parter Shinkenger arc in Kamen Rider Decade paid tribute to Mr. Krabs at the end of it when Decade's next arc would focus on Kamen Rider Black RX. It was a much better crossover than the mess that was "A Friend in Need".

Haim Saban... before he was the Cake Boss... now he's just cheapskate Mr. Krabs! Power Rangers' budget now is unreasonably LOW! Mr. Krabs should realize he might kill his own cash cow with what he's doing... since he has to pay Toei the royalties whether he earns profits or not.

Overall, Krabs Brands needs to evaluate how Power Rangers is as of late because it produced two horrible shows (or four for Nickelodeon) shows in a row. They cannot keep relying on past successes anymore. Instead, they should be considerate to the current fans of Power Rangers not those fans who are already grown up. Milking past successes usually gives you sour milk instead of good one. The show was so bad that I ended up saying, "I'd rather watch Spongebob than this piece of mess we're in!"

Mr. Krabs' crew needs to examine the current market of Power Rangers or risk losing market shares in the long run. Hopefully, Power Rangers will get back on track for the sake of real profits for BOTH Toei and Mr. Krabs. Power Rangers needs serious repair, no questions asked and I wonder if Mr. Krabs is too stingy to spare a dime for that reason? If he doesn't, profits may soon crash into oblivion. Hopefully, he's greedy enough to fix the problem.


  1. i disagree on one point Rick Medina who i HATED on wild force (rant for another day) but he was the one bit of samurai that was worth watching

    1. I would admit this... I did like Rick Medina's character of Cole in Wild Force but I hate the actor for being the opposite. I always felt he killed his own character.

  2. " However I'm afraid Dino Charge will become a Dino Crap disaster assuming Judd Lynn may have decided to do crazy Inoue-ish humor.... oh please no!" Dino Charge hasn't even aired yet, so you should reserve any and all judgment.

    "For MMPR nostalgia, Spike really just reminds me of how useless Bulk and Skull were." How were Bulk and Skull useless? They evolved as characters through MMPR's run. First they were bullies, then they became junior police officers in season 3. Bulk and Skull are pretty much the Abbott and Costello of Power Rangers.

    You say that you're a fan of Power Rangers, but then you write stuff that comes off as being a Sentai purist!

    1. As of right now I'm not a fan of PR due to the two seasons that happened. In a way, I am just pointing out what's wrong with PR Samurai and Megaforce.

      For Dino Charge, I hope my assumptions aren't true.


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