So I'm Bracing for Ninninger!

So we have the ninja time done three times.  During the 90s and last decade, we have had Kakuranger and Hurricanger.  Hurricanger can also be considered a Liveman inspired Super Sentai aside from its obvious ninja theme.  I won't comment too much on the cast yet but I can give my comments on a few stuff.  I got all these stuff from Orends Range.


The costumes sort of look like Shurikenger inspired.  Granted, the title is SHURIKEN Sentai Ninninger.  So far a huge improvement from the rather bland costumes of ToQGer.  For ToQGer, I'm going to try to see how the finale will be.


Okay, I don't hate Naomi Takebe but I wasn't impressed with how Gobusters went.  But she was also responsible for Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider OOO, two silly seasons of Kamen Rider that I enjoyed.  She was also responsible for Kamen Rider Gaim.  She also mentioned that these ninjas are not in the norm of fun and anything that is fun (taken from here).

For the writer, we have Kento Shimoyama who will be the head writer for the first time.  IMO he wrote some of the better episodes of Goseiger, Gokaiger and Gobusters.  He also wrote Goseiger vs. Shinkenger which I didn't particularly enjoy.  But he also wrote Gobusters vs. Gokaiger which I did enjoy for someone who doesn't really like Gobusters.  Hopefully, a new generation of Super Sentai will be created for the children.

For the others, we have Shojiro Nakazawa who was responsible for the music of Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Wizard.  Kosouke Yamashita who was responsible for Gokaiger's music (and sideline, Hana Yori Dango) hopefully will create great music.  Again, I'm not too particular about composers but I better get them into detail right?

An Early Impression of Villain Description

The enemy is called the Yokai Corps.  The Kakurangers had the Yokai.  Will this be a Kakuranger inspired season?  Maybe we will see a lighter version of Kakuranger?  They were sealed long ago and now they return to cause havoc.  Still sounds like Kakuranger and other previous seasons were enemies were sealed off.  I wonder if we will get a lighter/softer show with horror elements.  Nightmare fuel can be reduced but... it's either good writing or bad writing.

Closing Thoughts

So overall, I am going to brace myself for what's coming in.  Hopefully ToQGer will get a good wrap-up... and Super Sentai for a new generation will do great.  On the other hand, I may start to brace for the inevitable.


  1. We have 4 themes that has a trilogy of repeats. The electronic theme with Denziman, Bioman and Megarangers. The car theme with Turboranger, Carrangers and Go-Ongers. Dinosaurs and now Ninjas!!!! The "theme" that is repeated is not a offense but using the same title of a enemy which was once used in a same theme as well is over doing it for the worse. Like the previous theme of DINOSAURS, costume wise Zyurangers, Abarerangers and Kyoryugers. Abarerangers had the best design. The same go with Hurricanegers, Kakuranger was good but Hurricanegers are better. Niningers' costume isn't doing it for me, Red's uneven star pattern in the helmet and with the exception of White, the non matching white boots and colored gloves don't help the suits. It is a better improvement then ToQgers' costume!!!

  2. Also after 10 years and not counting ToQgers' gimmick of suit swapping. The Yellow is back for the males. Kyoryugers neglected in having a Yellow as Ian Yorkland was meant to be yellow.


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