Asuka and Mahoro: A Dino Earth Couple Torn By War!

The happy ending Ryu and Maria should have had... 

Since I've just recently completed Abaranger, I felt like writing on this love story between Asuka and Mahoro.  The love story happened in Dino Earth when Asuka and Mahoro were torn apart by war.  The Evorians attacked Dino Earth turning it into a desolate planet.  Asuka was separated from Mahoro who he had long thought dead.  He was also trapped in the cursed armor during the war, which later Mahoro's younger brother used for a short time.  Later Mahoro who was brainwashed to become Jannu (a la Rie becoming Maria) held the power of the Cursed Armor.

The battle was a painful one considering that Asuka didn't know Mahoro was captured by the Evorian.  In an act of despicable behavior, Dezumozoryla forcibly matured the pregnant Mahoro's unborn daughter and turned her into Lije.  At the same time, Mahoro was forcibly turned into the cold and cruel Jannu.  Asuka arrived on Dino Earth still skeptical whether or not Jannu was his estranged wife Mahoro.

Later on, Asuka realized that Jannu was really Mahoro brainwashed and crazy upon seeing the bracelet he gave her.  Believing he was no longer able to save her, Asuka struck Jannu down (while Jannu was in the Dark Armor).  Teary-eyed, Asuka had no choice but to strike his wife.  However both of them survived.  Asuka was later possessed by the Cursed Armor while Mahoro returned as an amnesiac.  This resulted to another tragic separation before they earned their happy ending.

When the amnesiac Mahoro later remembered Asuka, she sought to free the former but not without making a deal with Mikoto (who was at that time, the de-facto ruler of Evorian).  She became Jannu once more but somehow kept control of her mind.  She fought the Curse Armor possessed Asuka and freed him.  Asuka was left in tears but knew that somehow, Jannu had a plan.  Later on, Jannu would revert back to Mahoro and nearly met a tragic demise.  They met again to which Asuka was able to recover his daughter (who was Lijewel reverted back to infancy) who didn't know he had.

Unlike Ryu and Maria, Asuka and Mahoro earned their happy ending.  Dezumozoryla now had his final body (in the form the Evorian fortress) ready to turn Another Earth into a dead planet.  He had Mahoro held.  Mahoro begged Asuka to forget her but he didn't.  In their happy ending, Asuka rescued Mahoro from inside Dezumozoryla's final body.  In the end after the battle was over, they returned hoping to restore Dino Earth to what it was.

In the non-canon Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, one can see a possible scenario of Dino Earth's restoration.