Kenta's Love Interests in Maskman

Kenta was sort of a dandy playboy.  What I find weird is that while Gai Yuki in Jetman was a playboy, he didn't have some occasional dates and later fell for Kaori.  In Kenta's case, he had some love interests.  These are...

Miyuki in episode 7 was where Kenta felt bad because a lot of people had a date, he didn't.  He was touched by Miyuki's kindness and decided to pursue her.  However Tube kidnapped her and made a replica of her.  Although he was able to rescue her, he didn't pursue her because the battle with Tube isn't over yet.

Yoko in episode 13 was more of "played for laughs" in spite of the nightmare fuel that episode had.  So okay, Kenta did end up having Fuumin as a love interest (under her Miyuki disguise).  Yoko was a reporter who discovered something weird about Miyuki.  She's a camerawoman and quite snappy herself.  At the end of the episode, Kenta took her out and discovered she has a big appetite in spite of her figure.  As said, looks can be deceiving not just with Miyuki (Fumin) but also with Yoko.

Seira in episode 26 which he was really hurt.  So she's really a monster who was forced to gather young men to feed the monster of the week.  I do find it weird Kenta was hurt considering he's a dandy guy.  Later on, we don't see him have any more love interests after that.


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