Mega-Pairing Talk with Megaranger

Megaranger itself had no actual couples, only official attractions.  I started to think about the possible outcomes for these teenagers with attitude.  So here's our possible couples and why they are a possible couple.  It's past Valentine's Day but hey, February is not yet over so I created this crazy post considering my heart was broken many times as a teenager.

Chisato's possible pairings.  

For a bit of Chisato, she is probably the hottest girl in school and maybe every guy wants her... well maybe except her friends.  However I had some possible pairing talks with possible Miss Popularity here.  I have at least two possible pairings here for her.

Kenta x Chisato.  Well I did warn every newbie to Super Sentai about this crack pairing.  So unlike the other couples I mentioned like Burai and Mei (which has ZERO chemistry), the two can get easily shipteased by the writers.  Now Kenta isn't attracted to Chisato and vice versa.  I don't think Kenta would even dream of kissing Chisato.  In seems to be Chisato has a habit of opposing Kenta's stupidity while she has a crush on Kouichiro.  Kenta tried to volunteer to help her although it's no proof he has a crush on her.  I couldn't even forget how Chisato tried to help Kenta out when he was heartbroken over some girl he likes had somebody already.  It felt like she was always there to cheer him up aside from stopping him from his nonsense schemes.  She also helped him develop as a character too from being a slacker to being a more responsible person.  

Kouichiro x Chisato.  So far the closest to canon but they NEVER dated at all as far as the show is concerned.  It's official that Chisato has a crush on Kouichiro but the latter may have not returned the feelings at all.  I always thought this pairing can work with their similarities of being serious with their studies and all.  I wonder if Kouichiro is even aware of Chisato's feelings or not.  Best ship tease material and basis for the pairing?  The episode when Chisato's silly grandmother came to town.  Chisato asked Kenta to pretend to be her boyfriend though the whole pretend date was revealed to be a sham to Chisato's grandmother.  In spite of the on-screen chemistry, they haven't been seen dating or Kouichiro courting her.  They may have decided to talk the same university test together but they weren't dating either.  However all the stuff I mentioned is decent proof to defend why they might make the best couple.  

Miku's possible pairings.  

Miku on the other hand, I tend to ignore her at times.  But I thought she had can have her own shipteases herself.  No, I'm not even putting Shintaro and her as a couple, it's just too disgusting for me.  So who would the non popular Miku be best with?  Here's the show's possible picks:

Kenta x Miku.  So here's a possible pairing.  So while Miku is attracted to Shun but she and Kenta think alike.  Both don't like to study, they are great friends and they love to be idle.  Both of them also develop throughout the series.  With this, I think it's possible that Miku might fall for Kenta instead.  However red x pink pairing can be lazy since we can have other possibilities.  In this one, Kenta and Miku might be a compatible pair since they think alike too much.

Shun x Miku.  So I did make a mistake a few years to think they are an official couple.  What I have noticed is that the attraction is very one sided.  Miku tries to get Shun to notice her but every bit of the series, Shun doesn't seem to notice it.  The series goes on, Shun doesn't reciprocate the attraction at all and continues to see Miku as a friend.  Instead, it remains a shiptease on whether or not Shun would be willing to become more than friends with Miku.  


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