My Current List of Favorite Fan-Pairing/Shipteases for Super Sentai

Well here's my favorite shipteases for Super Sentai.  So far, this isn't cracky or anything... so I'll just tell why it's my favorite shiptease.  Just a correction - Riki/Haruna, Shun/Miku, Kouichirou/Chisato are more of shipteases than actual pairings.  So far you may notice some of my favorite fan-pairing/shiptease is gone (or maybe a lot) since I have changed my opinion a lot these days.  Please note none of these are canon as well.  Since it's Love Month, I could talk about my favorite fan-pairing/shipteases.

So I'd like to share them cracky as they may get... and I'll explain why:

Shiro Gou/Jun Yabuki.  So okay there's nothing romantic about it but I thought Jun also had some chemistry with Shiro.  In what way?  I thought some of Jun's focus episodes had some Shiro/Jun potential.  In Bioman episode 13, we have Shiro trying to help Jun out of being chased by her former coach  In Bioman episode 16, I thought they had some shipping material as well.  In Bioman episodes 17 and 30, Jun has also saved Shiro from tight spots.  Again, everything between them is purely professional.

Riki Honoo/Haruna Morikawa.  Now I made a mistake of thinking they were a canon couple, they are NOT.  So pretty much, I apologize for having told my readers they are.  Now why do I still ship them?  I always thought that they have a chemistry.  There was episode 12 where they played a fake couple.  Riki always shows concern over Haruna and vice-versa.  Episode 30 where Kirika first makes her actual debut somewhat ships them also.  Too bad the series never made them an actual couple.

Kasumi Hoshikawa and The Scientist in Episode 22.  During that time, I kind of wanted to ship Kasumi Hoshikawa and the scientist (played by Kazunori Inaba) as an actual couple.  He was attracted to her.  I hope that one day after the Fivemen recover their parents, she and him can be together.

Gai Yuki and Ako Hayasaka.  Maybe this was just because part of me is a Gai Yuki (but I don't smoke, drink or gamble) and I fell for a girl who's got Ako's personality (minus being money hungry).  So okay he's dead and we don't know what happened in between the three years before Ryu and Kaori tied the knots.  To make fun of Inoue's finales and that Gai Yuki is really dead, I just wrote a sub-plot in my M-Rated Sentai/Nickelodeon fic where Gai got her pregnant before he died, giving way to their son Joe Hayasaka.  She was probably 17 when Jetman started or she's 18, either way the age gap isn't disturbing for me either.

Kenta Date/Chisato Jougasaki.  While Chisato is attracted to Kouichiro (though their date was a fake) and plus, they NEVER dated at all in Megaranger (Shun and Miku never became a couple either), I thought of wanting to force-crack this. Now it seems cracky and everything, baseless or what but... I thought that it's not impossible for them to actually develop into a real couple.  Well they are good friends, Kenta has his other love interests, Chisato is in love with Kouichiro but... they sort of have a chemistry.  It's been more than once that Chisato helps Kenta out of a problem even if she's not attracted to him.  You can read more here why I love to crack ship them.

Shirogane and Sae Taiga.  This seems crazy considering that Shirogane is chronologically a lot older than Sae but he is biologically young enough for her.  When you think of it, Shirogane can no longer meet women of his era because they are all dead.  I thought that he should have just traveled Japan with her at the end of Gaoranger.  So far, there have been moments that suggest Sae has a crush on Shirogane.  So far, I am still on with this shipping no matter how awkward it feels considering he's way older than she is chronologically.

Hoji Tomasu/Marika "Jasmine" Reimon.  Another mistake I made in the past was to immediately assume that Jasmine and Tetsu were an official couple when they were not.  Okay, let's face it Hoji had broken up with his girlfriend Teresa and I doubt it she has any more time with him.  So I dropped my Tetsu/Jasmine pairing for this.  So it's not canon but I think they have a chemistry that can work out.  So maybe I have adapted this pairing because my favorites are Hoji and Jasmine.

Kotoha Hanaori/Chiaki Tani.  Now some people do ship Kotoha and Takeru in a Seddie/Creddie type of fan war.  While Kotoha did have hints with Takeru in Acts 20 and 22 BUT for me, it was more an older brother/younger sister type of interaction.  Also the very act of pairing Kotoha with Takeru is like trying to force Ako (Kotoha and Ako are the same age in their shows) to date Ryu in Jetman IMO.  Most of her ship material seems to go to Chiaki a lot and I mean a LOT.  I always thought that Chiaki may have a crush on her, she seems to reciprocate his feelings at the same time.

Takeru Shiba/Mako Shiraishi.  This one still remains even if one of them may give up on the other.  Mako might actually arrange a date with Takeru (once she's fixed him for good to save him from her bad cooking) or Takeru might hate the idea of eating food fiascos for the rest of his life.  However I thought that they are my two favorite characters in Shinkenger and I still ship them until today.  I always thought that Takeru and Mako might actually overlook each other's weaknesses and become a real couple.  I always thought that the interaction between the two would provide more shipping defense than the whole "pretend to get married scene".  I mean, Haruna/Riki are NOT a couple as I used to think.

Captain Marvelous/Luka.  Maybe I dropped Joe/Ahim (I can't really support Gai Ikari/Ahim either) but I cannot resist wanting to hook up Marvelous and Luka.  Luka has a habit of occasionally opposing Marvelous.  I always thought their chemistry was fun to watch even if they never fell for each other.  Many instances, it seems like they are a couple even when they are NOT a couple.


  1. Here are my fan-pairing.

    Maskman- Kenta and Miyuki, the lonely black warrior and the single painter got on very well together. But with the dangers lurking with the price of saving the world. Kenta let Miyuki go and the last scene she completes a painting of Kenta perhaps one day he shall return to her.

    Turboranger- Yohei and Haruna, when Yohei was poisoned by Bouma Monster. Haruna played both her team mates and enemies to get him the antidote. Also the two always went out in festive events.

    Jetman- your pairing with Gai and Ako is wrong as Ako is underage and that is statutory rape! Though it was short lived, Birdman Dan and Ako worked. Homage to David Bowie's Loving A Alien.

    Zyuranger- I say opposite attract, again Dan and Mei had that chemistry.

    Dairanger- another opposite attract. Shoji and Lin.

    Kakuranger- Sekai and Tsuruhime, when Sekai was possess by the Gakitsuki. She risked getting eaten by a giant hungry Sekai as she help ward of the Yokai! The two are of the same age and she seem to have mushy feelings for the over eating hero!

    I want Marvelous and Ahim :(


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