My Favorite Romantic Heartbreaking Moments in Super Sentai!

Here are some heartbreaking moments in Super Sentai which I thought were well-written that's why they are my favorite.  But hey, I'm no sadist okay?  I just thought even if these were tragic, they were well-written enough to convince me it was a heartbreaking moment.  This also includes villainous couples.

Eri realizing that Kiros does not love her.  This was a heartbreaking moment when Eri had a sincere, real love for Kiros and realized he never loved her.  He could have just clarified the misunderstanding but no, he chose to try and kill her.  Fortunately for Kiros, he wasn't messing with Eri from Goseiger.

Takeru breaking up with Ial at the end of the series.  So you spent the whole series trying to save the woman you love, only to break up with her in the end.  I mean, most of the plot focused on his love story with Ial, Igam's anger against him because of that and how Takeru contrasted Kiros.  Kiros got the death he deserved by seeing the woman he wants at the hands of his rival.  In the end, after Igam decided to become a nun to atone for her sins, Takeru had to break up with her.  This was because she had her duties to restore Tube.

Kemp refusing to turn away from his evil ways and nearly trying to kill his ex-girlfriend.  I always thought Kemp, man you bastard what have you done?!  It was already bad enough he gave himself to Great Professor Bias, he even breaks the heart of his former girlfriend.  He even wanted to kill her to fulfill her ambitions.  And I thought a certain someone was problematic huh?

Billion toyed around with Sayla.  Sayla thought Billion saved her but it was all a false heroism.  Billion shows how he's the most cruel general of Zone in what he did here.  She was tricked into becoming a monster so she could destroy the Fivemen.  In the end, Billion double-crossed her and out of delusion, she committed suicide using Billion's sword.

Ryu seeing Rie die after a season long struggle.  At first they had a short reunion but that bastard Radiguet can't accept Ryu having Rie.  So really, Radiguet aren't there other girls you can lust after?!  When Maria was temporarily reverted into Rie, Ryu tried to save her only to have Radiguet screw it up because he's one sick guy.  Later on, Radiguet turns Maria into a vampiric creature under his control for his own sick purposes.  When Radiguet realized that he can't have Maria, he fatally wounds her and when she realizes what she done as a monster, she chose to die as to atone for her sins.  She tells Ryu to forget about her.  Ryu sees Rie die at Gure's arms.  At the same time, I felt sorry for Gure.  Gure was a villain that truly deserved sympathy.

Jin Matoba killing his girlfriend to pursue his personal vendettas.  Well this is sort of a recycling done considering Yutaka Hirose played both Kemp and Demon Boxer Jin.  Knowing Toshiki Inoue wrote the Demon Boxer Jin episodes, it's no surprise.  His girlfriend tries to reach out to him but... HE KILLS HER.  All these actions made me wish he was killed in Dairanger.

Rin seeing Takamura killed by Lt. Col. Gara because he fell for the former.  This was a redo of Maskman's episode with Momoko except it was written by Naruhisa Arakawa.  At first, the Media Magician under his human guise wanted to fulfill his mission.  But seeing Rin's kindness, he reveals what he really was.  Rin was ready to accept him even if he was a Gorma.  Well Gara had to ruin everything by killing him.  No wonder Rin went into a rage and beat Gara up!

Kujaku's death in Dairanger... she chose to heal Gara of her scars instead.  Not the best way to end Ah My Goddess eh?  I know it's predictable that Kujaku was going to die, no questions asked.  It was also predictable that Daigo and Kujaku won't be together because she was a goddess, he was a mortal.  In the end, Kujaku chose to save Gara (which may have actually caused half of Gara to ascend into Heaven while leaving the other half to still menace the Dairangers) instead.  It was a sad story of selfless love.

Tatsuya and Yuuri separated by time itself.  Unlike the Power Rangers Time Force finale that mercifully allowed Jen to have more words with Wesley, it wasn't so in Timeranger.  The finale of Timeranger had Yuuri, Ayase, Domon and Sion launched into the future against their will.  I thought that at this scene, just think Yuuri couldn't even give Tatsuya anything to remember her by.  I was even thinking Judd Lynn may have wanted Time Force's finale to have Wesley and Jen separated in the same way but executives meddled because of the post 9/11 events.  I really feel tears in my eyes watching this inevitable finale.

Empress Hysteria witnessing the death of her husband Bacchushund.  It was already bad enough for her to see her husband destroyed by Oh Blocker.  Later on, she was reunited with him but he was only a head.  Even if she was a cruel individual who considered feelings as marks of inferiority, still she truly loves her husband, son and grandson.  In the end, she chose to blow herself up to save her infant grandson.  No matter how evil she was, I felt sorry for her to see her hubby die like that.

Yabaiba seeing Tsuetsue die before his eyes.  Even the hate driven Orgs fall in love.  I thought it was uncalled for that Rasetsu just to get what he wants used Tsuetsue as a human shield.  He had her used so he can get Tetomu's cooking.  The scene was pretty sad.  It was touching to see Yabaiba do everything to revive Tsuetsue later on.

Asuka and Mahoro prior to their happy ending in Abaranger.  Yes like Ryu and Maria, they were separated because of the war.  Asuka later discovers that Jannu and Mahoro were one and the same person.  He had no choice but to strike her down.  Mahoro was found amnesiac but Asuka was possessed by the cursed armor.  To free Asuka, Mahoro becomes Jannu again.  Fortunately after the heartbreaking moments, they finally earned their happy ending.

Mele dying before Rio after she was chewed by Long.  I found this scene to be very sad and tragic that it can't be put into Jungle Fury.  Mele and Rio had longer screen time as villains than heroes.  At this point, they have been redeemed already but... it was too late.  Long chewed on Mele causing her to suffer great injuries to the point she did.  Rio did his final attack just so he could be together with her.


  1. There are alot of tear jerker moments some are stronger then others.
    In Battle Fever J- Kensaku did not bring his Fever bracelet with him to gain a insecure child's trust as violence would not effect their lives. A band of Egos soldier however proved he was wrong and shot him up which leads to his death and his mentor takes his place as the new Battle Cossacks 2.
    Liveman- Bias is getting impatient with his minions and starts with the logic point system to prove if any of them are worthy to continue as Volts' members. Butchy who is failing and becoming more and more sentient reminisce of his first encounter with Earth and Megumi Misaki with the Spark! To the Sea theme. Butchy who fails in points decides not to continue to exist as he finds out he is only a robot. He saves Megumi's life by pushing her out of the way as he self destructs. After the intense fight, Megumi imagines Butchy's enjoying life when dancing and his right to sentience if he would have lived.

    Zyurangers- 2 moments brought to us by the acting talents of Yuta Mochizuki and Shirk Izumi.
    In the episode that prelude's Burai's final fate. Burai has a tender moment with his brother as he hugs him and cries of his fear of death.
    Later on after Dragon rangers' final battle. He helps resurrect Daizyujin and the rest of the Zyurangers' powers. Knowing his barrowed times is up and over. His final gift to Geki is his Zyusoken and the dragon armor before he vaporize. Geki plays a tune with his brother's dagger and sheds a tear to commemorate his brother's redemption and valiant. Meanwhile in the afterlife, Burai excepts his fate in death as the rickshaw puler takes him to the here after.

    Dairanger- With nowhere to go and realize the crimes he'd committed with senseless murder. Jin finally accept his fate knowing a good fight and death would be a honorable way to go. He flips his coin of death one last time taking out as many Kott soldiers and attempting a final attack on his former puppet master, Major Zaidos. Like a poor man's Fist of Fury. He goes down similar to Chen Jen with a barrage of gun fire!

  2. Kujaku's whole story is as heartbreaking as it gets. I hated it so much, I really wanted them to end up together. It still saddens me.


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