Sentai Rambling: The Choice Between Moe Sentai Girls and Hot Sentai Girls!

In Super Sentai, we have a choice of moe Sentai girls and hot Sentai girls. I am here with some speculations and opinions in this post. This may tackle Super Sentai fans of different demographics (ex. Japan, outside Japan, SS fans who also like PR, etc.). I might keep in mind that Americans prefer hotties and Japanese prefer cuties (feel free to tell me if it isn't true)

Now time for me to take a DEEP BREATH because this is going to be wacky for Valentine's Month so expect more Valentine's related articles (and Chinese New Year related articles) for the whole month of February.

So let's try to define moe and hot first. Moe refers to "adorable and cute" and hot can refer to anything that's just so gorgeous. I could give a start with two characters from separate series namely Mei from Zyuranger and Lin from Dairanger. For me, Mei is more on the moe side and for Lin, she is really, REALLY hot. Yes, I find Lin so hot (pun intended) that she deserves to be the Hououranger. Preferably, Japanese audiences may find Mei more attractive than Lin due to her being moe. On the other hand, Western fans of Super Sentai may find Lin hotter.

Sometimes you can get a succession of moe to moe then hot to hot. For Yuuri, I consider her more on the cute side and the same with Sae. On the other hand, Nanami and Ranru is a succession of hot to hot. This happens when the series only has one heroine in it in contrast to having two heroines. In my case, Yuuri and Ranru are my favorites here. I just had a thought that maybe Nanami is considered really hot by the American fanbase, even hotter than Tori (from Ninja Storm) but that's just my speculation.

Dekaranger had quite an interesting tandem of hot and moe with Jasmine and Umeko. How this went on is unknown. So I'll admit Jasmine remains one of my favorites although she's dropped off the chart a few months ago thanks to some biases I have towards post-Timeranger Sentai. Dekaranger was the first series to get a complete fan-sub and assuming some open-minded Power Rangers fans watched it and liked it, maybe their choice was Jasmine. I won't bring in Power Rangers SPD references here and focus on Jasmine and Umeko. Yup, I always thought Jasmine is probably top overrated for some time.

I won't talk too much on Magiranger but I find Urara cute and Houka, I don't find her a bit attractive. But I could talk on this area of Sakura and Natsuki. Boukenger was another season that had "hot" and "moe". But I just thought of it, maybe Natsuki has a fair amount of fanboys but it looks like Sakura is more popular. Maybe Sakura's not overrated, just a little more popular. In my view, I prefer Sakura over Natsuki. Maybe the whole Western fanbase of Super Sentai does too.

We have yet another "hot and moe" combination for another season. This time it's Mako and Kotoha which for me is more or less balanced. Okay I agree that Mako is more popular than Kotoha but, I guess Mako gets 54% and Kotoha gets 46% in their fanboy chart. Maybe Mako is more popular for the American fans and Kotoha for the Japanese fans. Kotoha is the cute bruiser while Mako is less brawn, more brain in battle type of hottie. I felt like having Kotoha and Mako in one show felt like a younger Ako teaming up with a more mature Kimberly. In short, both girls balance each other out so maybe, while Mako may be more popular, Kotoha still gets a decent fanbase. It's probably Kaoru that gets overshadowed instead of Kotoha, well because she really didn't have too much of a part and fortunately, Gokaiger was merciful enough to give her a little more attention.

After Shinkenger, we got double moe and double hot. Goseiger had such a young looking cast that we get Eri and Moune as a double cuteness team. I mean, I didn't want to believe Rika Sato is two years younger than I am and Mikiho Niwa was four years younger than I am. I mean, they look younger than Suzuka Morita (who looks just like her age) and even younger looking than Mao Ichimichi and Yui Koike. For moe, Goseiger wins that round and for hot, Gokaiger wins that round.

Succeeding Gokaiger, we have had more moe with Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger have moe girls instead of hot.

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  1. I like how foreign people still use the word "moe." Always funny to see expressions painfully outdated to us continuing to live on overseas, gaining whole new meanings.(Just like 'Hentai' you know)

    1. Meanings are owned by the people using the words, thats how it works with most foreign words into other languages. I wouldnt be surprised if we westerns keep on talking like in 1980's anime in 2060 while japanese people dont XD


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