Sentai WTF Moment: Yatsudenwani's Desire for Ranru At First Sight!

Abaranger has one really weird moment for me.  It's on Yatsudenwani.  Either I want to find it funny or not but somehow, I tend to think it's not even funny.  Yatsudenwani appears as a perverted monster.  He's a defective Trinoid thanks to some unexplained event that caused him to turn into what he is.  He was captured and enslaved by Mikoto... and he wanted to gain the favor of the Evorians.  However something strange happened...

When he ran into Ranru, he soon lusted after her.  I always thought that the lust moment here was just disgusting beyond anything.  I could swallow the one shot infatuation Rin had with the Media Magician (the Gorma are technically human) but this one was just awkward.  Good thing Ranru isn't returning the affections... if ever.

It goes as far as worse as he wants to marry her even if he hardly knew her.  The event only left Ranru in utter disgust.  To be honest, this guy is just crazy.  I don't know which is worse... Jabba the Hutt's lust over humanoid females or Yatsudenwani's crush on Ranru.

Seriously?  I feel like this is crazy that he fell for Ranru but it freaking happened.  Then you don't want to know (or you would) with what he did next.

Yatsudenwani has learned that his abilities can make him dial anywhere.  The moment feels like a Nicktoon or Looney Tunes to me.  Ranru gets the icky feeling when it happened.  I don't blame her and she gets badass and funny at the time time.  

So he unleashes his horrible, horrible song.  He knows he's not human but he wants to marry Ranru.  I think that was already really icky.  His lust for her was really one plot of Abaranger I am mixed with.  I get disgusted whenever it happens yet I laugh whenever he gets rejected.

If there's any weirdness worth talking about, it's he was able to do a wedding dress moment.  He had a little bit more of decency than Jabba the Hutt as not to make Ranru wear a skimpy two piece (the actress Aiko Ito did gravure).   Ranru runs off and Yatsudenwani meets a cartoony accident.  At the end of the episode, he tries to get her again rather subtly.

Well Mikoto discovered about Yatsudenwani's crush on Ranru.  To be honest, if I were Mikoto I could have taken this to an advantage.  That is, I might play a complex game that unless the others can defeat the new Trinoid, Ranru will have to marry Yatsudenwani (UGH).  Then the episode ends with Yatsudenwani heartbroken for laughs.  His perversity was also placed in non-canon VS Movies namely Dekaranger vs. Abaranger and in Gokaiger vs. Gavan.