Sharing My Thoughts as I'm Currently Watching Abaranger!

After Imagination Station had fully subbed Abaranger, I have begun my marathon to where I have reached up to 23 episodes.  Hopefully I'll get finished with the rest soon provided I'm not bombarded with tasks.

Moving on, I'd like to share my thoughts on Abaranger in part.  Abaranger is more of a fun show, not exactly dark or light but a balanced show.  The characters both heroes and villains are way better than Kyoryuger.  Although I currently like Zyuranger better than this show, but Abaranger still gives me a load of fun.

Ryoga Hakua/Abare Red may feel like an idiot but he's a likable one.  He's no loudmouth, obnoxious guy like Connor (it was during Disney NOT SABAN).  His backstory featured him adopting his niece Mai after his older brother and sister-in-law died off-screen.  I always like the humor surrounding him.  I think he's a funny dude but can get serious when need be.

Yukito Sanjou is the Gai Yuki of the series except he's blue.  Like Gai Yuki, he is a jerk but he is a nice guy at the same time.  I love how the show explained why he ended up the way he did... with an overcontrolling father.  I like the fact he's that chiropractor who can use those skills in combat and as well as... help others.  Problem is, this guy can get greedy or he doesn't realize he's a bad cook (but the black guy loved his curry fruit).  Watching him through the marathon, I have grown to respect him all the more.

Ranru Itsuki is almost the perfect girl.  She's pretty, sexy and smart in short beauty, body and brains.  I felt she's a combination of Billy (brains) and Kimberly (beauty) while she can fight, but she's not exactly the greatest fighter considering her strength is more focused on brainy tactics.  She used to be an idol but she chose the mechanical field.  What I like about her is how she is the team genius.  Personally, I think she's fine but I wish she appeared as a geek instead of an athletic biker.  Still, I admit she's one of my favorite Sentai heroines.

Asuka is better than Tommy, no questions asked.  I may sound like a Sentai purist but... that's my view.  I felt like he's somewhat the Ryu Tendo and he's one of my favorites as of current.  He lost his wife Mahoro during the wife only to see her brainwashed into Jannu.  As of late, he's my favorite Abaranger... maybe because he shares certain traits with Ryu Tendo.  He seeks to defend Another Earth and he arrived from Dino Earth.  He's badass, he's likable... and he's not overused.  All I can say is, he's another Tommy counterpart that has become one of my top favorites.  My other favorite Tommy counterparts are Burai (my favorite Zyuranger), Kou (my second favorite Dairanger) and Gorou Hoshino (though Yuuji is my top favorite Ohranger).

The Evorian like the Vyram are from another dimension.  We have Jannu who shares a similar story with Maria (but I know it ends differently), Lijewel, Mikela the Trinoid creator and Voffa the Giganoid creator (and composter).  I felt like they were a fun group... although no less deadly.  Trinoid schemes were usually hilarious while Giganoids were already well... like the Mecha Giants in Bioman.  Asuka must face the reality that his wife Mahoro has become Jannu.  Well that's not surprising considering Naruhisa Arakawa also copied from Toshiki Inoue the idea of a pink ranger falling for a monster of the week.

Well the humor is just either funny or not.  In one case, I thought Yatsudenwani is pretty funny but at the same time, I feel sorry for Ranru.  For a reason, Yatsudenwani in both canon and non-canon is a pervert.  Canonically, he has a crush on Ranru.  In non-canon, he had perversity moments in Dekaranger vs. Abaranger (crashing into the girls' bath) and Gokaiger vs. Gavan (he tried to harass Luka and Ahim).  I always thought that making him Mikoto's servant was well-deserved.  So far, a lot of the show's otherwise "weird humor" keeps me going.

Well I have reached this super duper cool villain namely Mikoto.  He is one person who is somewhat disgusted in humanity, he's a high achiever yet he thinks life is boring then he causes some cruel sadistic fun on people.  Compared to the Evorians, he targets the Abarangers a lot more making him even a bigger threat.  For me, this guy is definitely entering my list of favorites considering he's one badass S.O.B.  Why do I like this guy?  He adds conflict to the series, he is a more evil version of Burai, reckless, heartless, manipulatitve and well what's his huge problemwith humanity anyway?  He sorts of reminds me of myself except I'm no doctor but I admit, I tend to feel bored and cause trouble because I feel I was wronged by everyone.  Like Bilgenia in KR Black and Ouja in KR Ryuki, he is one amazing game changing villain.

So far, I pretty feel excited to finish the series when I can even when I'm turning 30 this month.  Meanwhile, I hope to see more Gingaman (as of right now I've seen 40 episodes and yes, I can't wait to see Daitanix's awesome badass) and Ohranger (22 episodes).


  1. The series came out right after a repeated theme which is now back this year. Dinosaur is back again and for once I did mind that a theme is recycled as a parallel is used as a plotters device. Abarerangers did what Hurricaneger fail to do, there is 3 core member then a 4th and a fifth very later on. I did like the majority of the characters and the mechas. As these are my only pros for the show.

    The Cons- I made a debate with FantasyLeader and it still stands with no changes.
    The Evorian only had two muscle in the series well three if Geildon wasn't killed off so soon.
    This series is the first to over use mecha for one directional functions, arms, arms and more arms.
    Characters, Abareblack/Asuka- a character like that who loses his friends and family but soon gets them back. He should have been a bit more vicious and antiheroic in the same level as Mad Max. Also just like X-men Evolution he should have been more of a leader and mentor very similar to Tommy Oliver which Dino thunder had that magic as it wasn't as good as Abarerangers. Another character that I am too sorry to gripe is Abarekiller/Mikoto.
    His character meant well as a antagonist and of a surprise gimmick of course. Somewhere down the road he would reform. He was never meant to stay evil until episode 43. As a writer he would be evil for 16 episodes reform slowly as a antihero and then till a hero! I do like Abarekiller but his character wasn't developed for fan expectations.
    It could have been a 2K favorite if a lot of these
    things where met. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the series and the design is the best of the three Dinosaur motiffs but I felt it was a let down with quick writing.

    Later on the series, Gekiranger and Gobuster would do the Sunvulcan and Liveman core number.
    10 years later Kyoryugers would appear as the 3rd motiff with Kyoryujin looking exactly like AbaRenoh but much more uglier. Also the infinite number of arms.

    Not my favorite but it has it's moments!


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