Top Seven Super Sentai Girls Some of My Real Life Toku Peers Overrated For Face Value Reasons!

Considering it's near Valentine's Day, this should be a wacky confession. Remembering some of my College peers who weren't much of Sentai fans (like me), I jumped into their bandwagon. So maybe you'll be surprised not to find Hikaru Katsuragi here (she was my first Tokusatsu crush, not Kimberly Hart). On the other hand here were girls that me and my real life Toku peers overrated through the years. They are some of my favorites too.

Here they are arranged in order according to my judgment, not my real life Toku peers and as far as memory will allow me:


Rin is another subject and subject to relativity. We didn't care about Mei too much but... Rin was definitely in. The group had a friendly disagreement when it came to Rin vs. Kimberly. I considered Kimberly hotter than Rin, others had a different viewpoint either she was one point higher or one point lower. The problem soon escalated when they started to overlook Mei because of Rin and Kimberly. At this one, they commented Dairanger was a better series for writing, not for Rin so she's probably the least overrated here. If I'm to pick who I find the best here writing-wise, I'd pick her.

6.)Sakura Nishihori

Now here comes another comparison. So Operation Overdrive is one multiple disaster season with bad acting and bad writing, no questions asked. Boukenger itself gets too much credit. Now here's another... why only like Boukenger because Sakura is attractive?! Sakura for me is better than Rose because she can really fight badass and she knows strategic battle but sad to say, she's treated more like eye candy. Sakura is not better than Rose because she looks better, I mean why not bring up the fact that she's one professional fighter, then again those who think Rose is better are free to defend their stand.

Why do I like Boukenger over Operation Overdrive? For me, Boukenger is better than Operation Overdrive due to acting issues. Operation Overdrive had the interesting concept of the Corona Aurora (Boukenger in its flaws hardly had a plot to move its treasure hunting theme forward) but bad execution AND bad acting killed it.

5.) Chisato Jougasaki

So they started talking about Power Rangers in Space and I referred them to Sentai sites so they will know more. They started thinking, "Wow Chisato is really hotter than Ashley. She makes Megaranger better than Power Rangers in Space." I know Chisato is really pretty but puh-lease she should never be the reason for liking Megaranger or her beauty is NOT the reason why she is better than Ashley (this is relative) or why Megaranger is better. For the side of the two heroines, I think Chisato is better developed but Ashley is okay.

If I were to talk why I think Megaranger is better, I'll state my reasons for writing and the series has a narrow focus as it should have while Power Rangers in Space tries to cram in a lot of stuff. I'll confess she is my favorite Megaranger heroine.

4.) Ranru Itsuki

So not all of them liked Kira that much but Ranru... well they were magnetized by what could be her "angelic beauty". They often ignore that Ranru hates superficial suitors like Yatsudenwani. Character-wise, Ranru is WAY better than Kira and it's not because of her appearance. She's pretty and sexy but what makes her better is her likable character and her inventive side.

Why do I like Abaranger better than Dino Thunder? For me Abaranger is better for its better writing, better characters, no overused character (Tommy seriously needs to be shelved already like every other PR/Sentai character from past seasons) and no Cassidy and Devin to ruin the plot.

3.) Nanami Nono

As if the Chisato incident wasn't enough, there's Nanami. I don't doubt it that Nao Nagasawa is really hot and seeing her pictures back last decade, they were really high material eye candy. However this created a cruel effect. If they underrated Mei because of Rin and Kimberly, well Tori here gets bashed a lot and I mean a lot more. The worse side is how more often than not Tori Hanson gets underrated by them. Like they think Nanami is better than Tori because she's hotter and not because Nanami is more badass or what.

2.)Marika "Jasmine" Reimon

This is probably where most of them were stuck up for some time. Dekaranger was the first Sentai with complete fan subs. For some crazy friend of mine, he considered Jasmine to be really, REALLY HOT and that she's the reason why Dekaranger is better than Power Rangers SPD. I would say that Jasmine for me is hotter than Z and Syd isn't even attractive for me. However they fail to see why Jasmine is a great character like her wits, her backstory and she is not just eye candy. Ask everyone she's beaten up.

Why do I find Dekaranger way better than Power Rangers SPD? Dekaranger has better characterization and writing. Power Rangers SPD had its plus points but I find most of the characters annoying (ex. Ban is far better than Jack for me). Again, it's probably just my personal bias.

1.)Mako Shiraishi

Well she's first placer for me though some may argue that the place is either Jasmine or Nanami but my top place is Mako. Why do I vote for Mako? She's one of my favorites, no questions asked but I don't think she's the best pink ranger ever. They think she's the best thing ever because she's hot?! Oh please, it's no better than the 90s with Kimberly! I could imagine these guys would probably volunteer to be her guinea pig. It would probably be a scenario that she wouldn't help them and maybe, toss them aside before any remedy can be done much to her teammates' approval. The worst case scenario had to be when Power Rangers Samurai came... which they made Mako the only reason why Shinkenger is better. then they think she's the hottest and the best because she's the hottest.

Now what's up with Power Rangers Samurai and Shinkenger? It's all about acting, script writing and execution that makes Shinkenger a better show for me. Power Rangers Samurai copies/pastes too much plus the bad acting isn't making it any better. Puh-lease, Mako is never the reason why Shinkenger is better!


  1. With Valentine's day around the corner and Sentai actress has been my attraction, I am limiting only the women that are been before 1983 and I will also include the villainess as well.

    7. Akira Momoi- Denziman Pink, she has a straight forward persona and a sassyness about her that melts your heart also she looks like AV star Ayaka Fujisaki.

    6.Mei- Pteraranger, love that squeaky voice and girllike demeanor who also has a bad girl side in her as we see when her drink was spiked with the mandrake root by Totobat.

    5.Zonette- with that raspy low voice and body to die for that is why I wish I was Red Racer.

    4.Saya- Change Mermaid, the very reserve yet beautiful but tough chick. And her title fits because she looks like a mermaid.

    3.Momo Maruo- Oh Pink, Who say you can't be bubbly and still not kick ass at the same time. I fainted with lust after seeing her in a bikini.

    2.Mele- did the Gekiranger casting team knew what they where doing when they cast Yukari Hirata. Besides the action and story she was another reason why to watch Gekiranger.

    1.Megumi Misaki- Blue Dolphin, when I obtain a VHS copy and saw Liveman for the very first time in 1995. I found the Sentai heroine that I would be in love with. Especially with episode 44 to know the actress is a singer and her theme song Spark! To the Sea made her the woman of my dreams. But later on my life in that year I saw a girl that looks like Megumi and it really made my dream come true!

  2. Since I haven't watched that much Sentai,I only have two, namely:

    2. Ahim de Famille/Gokai Pink
    1. Amy Yuuzuki/Kyoryu Pink

    Yeah, I know they may not be the best pinks around, but hey, it's just personal preference... :3


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