Top Three Super Sentai Girls By Some of My Real Life Toku Peers Underrated for Face Value Reasons!

While I wrote on top seven Sentai girls my real life Toku peers overrated for face value reasons, I would write on those they underrated for face value reasons.  This is a post-Valentine's post but February isn't over.  Here they are ranked by my opinion and I haven't talked too much with them after the Shinkenger incident.

3.) Umeko Kodou

While they all end up with their unhealthy drooling over Jasmine, poor Umeko tends to get overshadowed.  I mean, what's the point of watching Dekaranger just to ignore Umeko and drool at Jasmine?  To be honest, I find this really absurd just to ignore Umeko.  I mean, she's a ditz but she's a likable ditz.

2.) Miku Imamura

Well she does get into the list for this reason... all because of Chisato.  Okay I don't find Miku pretty BUT she's an interesting character.  It had me thinking that aside from watching Megaranger because Chisato is hotter than Ashley and Casey (for my peers anyway).  And now poor Miku is underrated by them too.

1.) Rishiya Princess Mei

I think Mei deserves the top spot here because they ignored Zyuranger COMPLETELY because Kimberly and Lin (for them) is hotter than Mei.  I simply think it's downright stupid to go ahead and drool over Kimberly and Lin but underrating Mei.  I find this entirely downright ungrateful, never mind that without Zyuranger, Power Rangers wouldn't be born as an adaptation.  So they practically missed a lot all because of their shallow-minded thinking.  Also, these real life Toku peers of mine may have missed out a lot too.


  1. When i was little i also think Chisato much prettier than Miku. Now re-watch it Megaranger again Miku actually pretty cute too and you right she's interesting character. And seeing the latest picture of Mami Higayashima she still cute♡♡ But Eri Tanaka tough.... she's not ageing very good is it?

  2. All the three girls are hot and Mei is is no underdog in this list as she do have a male fan following!

    The Sentai girls that also is known to be underrated as well are Pink Flash Lu, Five Pink Remo Hoshikawa, and Ms.America II Maria Nagisa.

    1. This is just within my circles, not the whole community.


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