Wishful Thinking: Who I Wish Played as Gaja and Ryuon in Boukenger!

As somebody who likes Boukenger but not as much, I thought these guys should have been in Boukenger:

For Gaja, I thought the actor Hiroo Okata was just too stiff. For one, Gaja was too generic a villain for me compared to Ryuon, the Questers (as idiotic as they may be) and Yaiba.  Namely, I tend to blame the actor.  Hiroo Okata is just too stiff and I thought somebody else should have taken the role.

Yoshinori Okamoto is another villain actor who came into mind.  I have learned from Shougo B'Stard that Yoshinori Okamoto was the actor for Gaja on the Boukenger stage show.  I mean, this guy could have made a much stronger Gaja for these reasons.  He was both the suit actor AND voice to Adjutant Buuba in Changeman.  Later he would be Bo Gardan in Flashman and Dr. Ashura in Liveman.  In Hurricanger, he later appeared to both be the suit actor and voice of Sargain and the season was full of Liveman references.  He was even the suit actor of Agent Abrella in Dekaranger.  So I thought that he should have been Gaja, an out-of-suit role after so many years with all those shows he did in the past few Sentai seasons.

Although Yutaka Hirose would still have been able to pull off the part just as well.  I mean he was Ley Wanda in Flashman, Dr. Kemp in Liveman, Tranza in Jetman and Demon Boxer Jin in Dairanger.  He is also known for fighting red rangers which three of them were fought with Kazuo Niibori as the red ranger stuntman for Ryuuranger was Naoki Ofuji.  Still, I could imagine Gaja played as Yutaka Hirose would still be awesome.

Now for Ryuon, I also felt like he needed a better actor.  I honestly thought that he did have a certain level of cruelty.  He was meant to be the foil of the red ranger as a dark adventurer, one whose soul was corrupted with hatred for the world, saying that his tragedy justifies his actions.  I thought at times he felt too cartoony so I had chosen another actor for his role.

I would have wanted Daisuke Tachi to have been involved with Ryuon himself.  That is, make him the voice and maybe the suit actor as well.  I mean, this guy made a freaking awesome Radiguet, IMO he should have been Shadam in Dairanger instead of Rintaro Nishi, he also was able to pull off a comedic act in Kakuranger (guest role) so why not let him be Ryuon who tends to be funny at times but also cruel most of the time?  I would actually have wanted Daisuke Tachi to have been the human form of Ryuon in the flashback and the finale, let him even regress to human form every once in a while.  It would have been awesome to let such a hot-tempered villain be played and voiced by Daisuke Tachi himself.

Although another actor that could have been considered as Rintaro Nishi.  Although I wanted Daisuke Tachi to act as Shadam who I consider is the true Radiguet 2.0 of Sentai, still Rintaro Nishi did a good job as Shadam.  So if Daisuke Tachi isn't available, why not Rintaro Nishi?  He could still the job almost just as good... although I prefer Daisuke Tachi to play the role.  Still he would have sufficed for the role of Ryuon.  I thought he did a good job voicing Doukoku.


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