How Ninninger Is Treating Me So Far in Five Episodes!

While I may not make weekly reviews (well as you know, I have already moved on with other stuff but I still like Sentai but not as much)... but Ninninger has left me with several emotions... after my first impression, here's what I think.

I don't find any of the cast really hateful or anything, nothing special as of yet and I am seeing different personalities.  My minor problems are the idiotic red ranger Takaharu (but I can tolerate some idiots like him but hope he does get better) and well, Yakumo is too thereotical but I can learn from his experience.  So far, I do love the idea Kasumi wants to be a scientist.  But so far, I am afraid this will be mecha overload... since Naomi Takebe as I learned the hard way, is the yes-lady of Bandai. =P

In spite of having Takebe (my emotions on her are mixed) but I really think of it this way.  The series itself even on its premiere may not be as good as Shinkenger, Hurricanger or Kakuranger but it was for me, more impressive than Kyoryuger or ToQGer (and it's a refresher from the awful phenomenon of Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce).

Yoshitaka Igasaki is acted by senior actor Takashi Sasano who is the "Last Ninja" of the five ninja who are his grandchildren.  I would admit that I remembered him in B-Fighter (but I watched it raw, I want to watch it subbed so bad).  The old man for me is hilarious.

Meanwhile we have the new helper robots which come in and well, isn't there going to be too much mecha?  As of right now, I don't know what to really think of Naomi Takebe since she was responsible for Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider OOO (but they weren't really outstanding) as well as Kamen Rider Gaim (but the credit goes to Gen Urobuchi).  With Gobusters, I think the situation was a mixed situation of Yasuko Kobayashi burning out and Naomi Takebe's production style for me wasn't suitable for Super Sentai (I could still like her with Kamen Rider though).

I'll probably write on Ninninger after a couple of episodes.  Meanwhile I'm crossing for Millionfold Curiosity to finish subbing Gingaman and so more Ohranger, hoping for more Timeranger subs from Over-Time (so I can see clear copies) and for Mega Beast Empire to have more subs of Janperson.  Oh yeah so why Grown Ups in Spandex slowed down with Bioman? >_<


  1. I haven't seen one full episode and what I have seen with Takaharu. He seems he is a cross between Akashi Satoru and Takeru Shiba.
    At least his character is back to the tough guy last scene in Gokaigers whereas Hiromu Sakarada a inexperienced actual chicken, Daigo Hiryu is the pompous energetic "Larger then Life" phony, or Raito Suzuki who is a much more watered down Daigo.

    This third theme ain't any better then the previous two and finally the robots are just as ugly as the previous series too. Prop wise they relief on their henshin device as actual weapons with the toad blasters and the giant Shuriken that turns to other form of weapons.

    I am still a Sentai fan but not excited. As I still speak, Gobusters is the last good Sentai series I have seen still.


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