My Picks For Best Super Sentai Uniforms (By Sean Akizuki, In Response to ThatChick's Related Post)

ThatChick had posted her own set of best Super Sentai uniforms so here's mine and you'll note that some of them while others in her list aren't here. None of them are ranked from highest to lowest but based on chronological order and remember, I have my Great Professor Biases here and they are mostly MY OPINIONS so feel free to tell me which suits you think are the best and feel free to express which you think are the worst:

For Bioman, it has the cool techno design but remember I may just be Great Professor Biased here considering Bioman was my first Super Sentai viewed as a child. Again, I do love the techno-designs.

Maskman also had some neat designs. I always thought of them as cool when I was a kid and I still think of it likewise until now.

Liveman had a really cool set of animal designed costumes.

For some reason, I do like Turboranger's costumes better than Carranger, a show that was inspired by it.

Again, it's possible that I have a Great Professor Bias here again, I always found the Fiveman suits to be really cool as a kid, displaying the academic subjects the five teachers taught. On the other hand, I didn't feel GogoV's costumes were that good while thinking GogoV's first few episodes with me had better writing. Hopefully, I'll get to see GogoV from start to end.

Jetman had really cool bird motifs. It's sort of an improved version of Red Falcon's suits plus the fact that the bird motif is well obvious, makes it cooler. From the helmet to the vest and not to mention, the cool retractable wings. Jetman's got bird motif super right!

Well I guess this is another Great Professor Bias considering that MMPR was part of my childhood and I found the uniforms to be really great.

For Dairanger's suits, I would feel some Great Professor Biases here again for this reason... I am a huge sucker for Chinese motifs. Again I don't consider Gekiranger's suits to be in this list. Dairanger really has badass costume design and personally speaking, I think this is the no. 1 Sentai uniform here.

I love the electronic designs of Megaranger and I really, really love the technology feel for Megaranger's theme.

The Gingamen's uniforms feel like a nice rehash of Zyuranger's costumes.

Timeranger's costumes for me are really, really futuristic looking IMO. I love the colored visors along with the sleek design. Again, maybe I'm just Great Professor Biased.

Gaoranger's animal motifs are pretty badass for me along with the claws. I could also yap all day how Gaku Washio's attire is... pretty much a Jetman tribute. =P

Dekaranger's costume designs for me feel like an improvement from Timeranger's police motif.

Boukenger has the adventurer motif and their costumes IMO just fit perfectly.

Shinkenger itself has a nice pretty, samurai-ish costume and well, I thought pretty Japanese-y touch. While I would admit I don't like Kakuranger's costumes (but I'll resume watching the show regardless), I do find Shinkenger's costumes to be fitting its motif.

Gokaiger's pirate costumes are one of the best I've seen.

As much as I don't like Gobusters, I do love the spy motif suit designs that it offers.

Meanwhile, just because you don't see a costume here doesn't mean I hate it or what, some of them are either in my dislike or neutral list.


  1. Here are my top uniform picks in chronological order:
    Battle Fever J
    All the designs is self explanatory and the 2K era had some top designs minus very good series. After 2012 the design went to the dogs!

  2. P.S. I know you do not come off like a negative individual, I want to hear your dislike of costume designs!

    1. For some of my picks are Goranger, JAKQ, ToQGer, Kakuranger (too plain), GogoV, Hurricanger...

    2. For my pick of the worse costume:

      Gingaman- feels too Charlie Brown but I have seen worse
      Zyurangers- Diamonds dull
      Go Go V- they look like a umbrella
      ToQger- what lazy unimaginative slob did this.
      And drum role please......

      Jetman- cheap and pathetic attempt to duplicate Gatchaman and not even close! The design looks flimsy and phony. They look good on the girls but the guys, NO!

  3. Gokaiger

  4. So can you make the sentai outfit (human form(


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