My Thoughts on Reiko Chiba, Takumi Hashimoto and Aohisa Takayasu at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention (As a Super Sentai Fan)

Here's a picture of Reiko Chiba, Takumi Hashimoto and Aohisa Takayasu at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention. They are with Karan Ashley (in the place of the late Thuy Trang) and Austin St. John who met Yuuta Mochizuki at the Power Morphicon 2014. How do they explain the appearance of these three Zyuranger cast members and having a warm reception with Power Rangers cast members?

Here's a picture of Catherine Sutherland-Chilson and Reiko Chiba-Kirihara together, both who wore the Ptera Ranger suit. Okay I'm again having my biases since I prefer Amy Jo Johnson-Giner over them in terms of acting (but both still did well for their roles). Again, I wish there will be an event where both Amy Jo Johnson-Giner can meet with Reiko Chiba-Kirihara.

Side comment: However, it would be fun if somebody sent Erina Nakayama to the convention dressed up as Mei in Zyuranger. It could create some hilarious effects!

Last year was also the historical moment. So pretty much, this picture proves you can like BOTH Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Personally, I do have my biases on Neo Saban era with Power Rangers Samurai, Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Sentai IMO has a fair share of blame with Kyoryuger and ToQGer (all four shows are horrid for me) while revival seems underway with Ninninger and Dino Charge.

David Fielding the voice of Zordon meets the Zyurangers. Too bad Jun Tatara and Soga Machiko have long been dead.

Again, does this anti-fantard meme need to be put here again? Only if Kenji Ohba will show up in any Power Rangers-related event. 3:)


  1. With the bigger success of the second Zyurangers convention and 3 out of 6 Rangers in the States united ain't too shabby as Yuta-san did make it for this one.

    A attendee has written me back indicating that the TOEI public relation person who organized the three stars is working hard to book Yuta with the three we see here and she is negotiating with Shiro Izumi(Burai) to return out of the limelight. As Izumi san retired from showbiz in disgust after close to 15 years in the entertainment industry.
    Hideki Fujisawa(Dan) ran away from showbiz after 1993 and quick garnered a real career and cannot and will not do any conventions or reunion because of his tight schedule and demanding career.

    Meanwhile, Takumi Hashimoto still looks like a kid and his last Sentai show was Megarangers. I first saw him as Manabu in Global Ninja War Jiraiya, his first role is in a episode of Metalder.
    Aohisa Takayasu who just changed his name is the first Zyu star to make a comeback and he has aged if not gracefully. Not many roles I saw him in via Toku but he is proud of his past career.
    And the lovely Rieko Chiba, 23 years after the role that helped her get international recognition. The year of 1993, her career was flying high and fast. She was doing commercials, voice-over work, and a all girl pop group. Somewhere down the road she got married had a child and retired. She still kept up appearance with her Cherry Doll website updating her status and blogs. Became a Yoga instructor and a comeback in the media doing a energy drink commercial with Kamen Rider Hibeki! She was also holding press conference about Bi Polar disorder which she may have as well. She too looked like she aged but still sexy. And I still think she is hotter then Amy Jo Johnson!!!


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