Nostalgia Analysis: Red Mask and Five Blue at the Henshin Con Launch Party!

While it was too bad I couldn't go to the Henshin Con Launch Party 2015 even if I could afford the VIP ticket (PHP 2,500.00) to get to the party, food, drinks and of course meet and greet, I am still happy nonetheless for people who got to meet them.  

People know by know that Takeru/Red Mask is my favorite in Maskman and Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue is my favorite in Fiveman.  As a 90s kid (now 30 years old and still single), I would like to express my feelings here and for other who were able to be there.  For nostalgia, I remembered watching Maskman badly dubbed on IBC-13 (which sadly NEVER showed the finale) and Fiveman on ABC-5 before it became TV-5.

The venue of the event was in One Espelade in the Mall of Asia in Manila.  Fortunately the event went on and no Filipino ultranationalist was able to cause trouble.

Pictures were retrieved from here.

Two of my favorites at the dinner table... too bad I wasn't there but lucky for the others!

Returned home from the Legend War? XD  I had my thoughts even if I'm not there in person, I'm glad for those who had the time.  The event would be far more worth it than the One Direction concert.

Wow lucky fans!  They finally got to pose with my favorite Maskman member!

Wow I really feel my childhood has returned... thanks to

He's about to say something...

Kazunori Inaba (Ryosuke Kaizo's real name) with his wife Georgette Anne Inaba...

Two of my childhood favorites... I wish I had the chance to meet them but duty calls and being a Sentai fan (to a certain extent), I keep in mind that they'd do their duty first too!