Ohranger: A Massive 90s Toy Commercial Super Sentai Season!

As of current, I have seen 26 subbed episodes of Ohranger.  But I'd like to talk about how Ohranger itself was a massive toy commercial season.  As we know, Ohranger was aired during the March 3 1995 and in March 20, 1995 it happened.  Ohranger was airing during that time which prompted a sudden change of tone.  At the same time, the Super Sentai season became such a huge toy commercial than its predecessors.

Early on, Ohranger had two main finishing weapons namely the Big Bang Buster and the Giant Roller.  To be honest, I saw no real plot other than an attempt to increase merchandise when Ohranger so fastly introduced the Giant Roller, rendering the screen time of the Big Bang Buster to be so short.  To be honest, I found it pointless (plotwise) to be switching in between these two except for the sake of selling toys!

Ohranger Robo was unique to have its helmets changing aside from the fact that the Ohrangers took turns to control the robot.  Now the helmets were included in the Ohranger toy set.  It was most likely a new gimmick in toys.  At that time it seemed to be a protocol that each ranger would have an individual "zord" (the trend started with Maskman) for most seasons then we have a secondary robo in Red Puncher (the first secondary robo to be piloted solely by the red ranger, something that would be repeated in Shinkenger).  As usual, both robots combined but in a rather awkward way IMO.  Kakuranger didn't have a secondary robot that combined with the primary robot.

In episode 25 of Ohranger, we end up having the introduction of the Ohre Bazooka again just for the sake of selling toys.  I see no point plot-wise other than toy sales to why the Ohre Bazooka was added.  They already had the Giant Roller and I think that weapon was enough to beat Bara Hungry.  The whole episode was just a summer festival promoting a new toy for children.

King Pyramider was the first mecha fortress to be used by a sixth ranger.  It ended up having two modes namely the Carrier Formation (reminiscent to Heavenly Armor Chi Palace in Dairanger) and Battle Formation (reminiscent to the Turbobuilder in Turboranger and Max Magma in Fiveman).  Sixth rangers were becoming the norm at the same time starting from Burai.

Just when you thought that Ohranger wouldn't have any more mecha now that the "Ultrazord" is created, think again.  Ohranger episodes 33-34 introduced the Blocker Robos which united into the Oh Blocker.  The Oh Blockers were used to stop a giant monster raid then get rid of Bacchushund but more toys were coming in.  This was similar to Muteki Daishogun.  Ohranger like Kakuranger had a primary and secondary robo.

Again, I don't see any reason why Tackleboy was added other than toy sales.  Perhaps the producers were thinking of repeating the experimental gimmick way back in Chojin Sentai Jetman's Tetraboy.  I thought that Tetraboy had more purpose and plot than Tackleboy ever did.  I thought this is one awkward looking self-operating giant robot. =P

We end up having Gunmajin as another toy item.  Yes this Ninjaman-type hero was included for the sake of toy sales.  Fortunately no more other toys were added as the show practically became one HUGE toy commercial... a practice that would net more gold.  In fact, Ohranger had a successful toy sale in spite of having lower ratings during its time.

Considering this guy was the chief producer of Ohranger and looking at his previous works as a producer, one can see a lot of it.  The secondary robo got introduced in Flashman and the combination with the primary robo was introduced in Liveman.  The Ultrazord concept was introduced in Turboranger and the carrier formation was from Dairanger.  Five humanoid robots becoming one robot was first introduced in Kakuranger.  A giant AI robot was introduced in Jetman.  Ohranger tried to cram them into one season for better or for worse.

Made any mistakes?  Let me know!


  1. Maybe they had a few extra more items in that one season -- but, really, ALL of Super Sentai is big toy commercial. Maybe it just showed more, in Ohranger, when the focus and tone of the series was forced to shift.

    Frankly, ever since Jetman and Zyuranger, toy poliferation got worse and worse every season. Now, to the point, where its common to have up to 4 robots every season. I mean - try and imagine a current Sentai season sticking with just 5 members, and a single robot, like in the old days?

    Still -- Super Sentai sure if fun, even if its hawking its wares at the same time!

  2. Toei isn't producing these shows alone as BANDAI is truly involved. The mechas boom started in 1986 with Flashman with Flash Titan and the team only had 5 members. Then Turboranger added a third with Turbo Builder.
    The pandemonium didn't start with Kakuranger as they had 4 battle mechas and five separate mechas the Juusho Fighters. And Kakuranger did have a secondary robo connecting with their primary robots that is the Tsuubasa Maru.

    Back to Ohrangers, their mechas are interesting, Oh Robot looks like a blue and slim version of Brawn from Transformers.
    I do like BlokerRobo and King Pyramider. Tackleboy is interesting but he does not have a story to back up it's existance. Go-Ongers would have GoRoader GT that also transforms into a Wheel. Gun Majin is just there and totally useless.

    What needs to change is the Ohranger helmets.


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