Sentai Injustice: Gurail's Removal From Megaranger

Oh no!  Who is the strange villain in the shadows?

Megaranger itself was one amazing season.  It was the first season to try and deal again with the science theme on focus after the Hirohisa Soda era which introduced Bioman (robotics vs. life), Flashman (manipulating life) and Liveman (good vs. evil use of technology).  The whole idea of Megaranger was bordered on science.

Super Sentai seasons are usually known for introducing a game changing villain and Gurail was one of them.  He was sent by the ruler of Nezire, Javious I to keep the invasion team on track.  Gurail was introduced in Megaranger episode 19 of Megaranger.  I thought he really looked frightening, he was one sadistic creature and I would admit, he has a very creepy laugh and mysterious feel.  At the same time he also feels like the Scott Evil of Megaranger's villains considering that he always had better plans than most of his comrades.

What made Gurail an interesting villain for me was that he wasn't afraid to do other stuff that was beyond his comrades.  In the first episode he appeared, he caught several children to use them as human shields.  His first appearance showed that he always used underdog tactics to attack the Megarangers, making them unable to fight and he would do ANYTHING even hurt his own comrades to get what he wants.  Kenta almost lost confidence in that incident and Gurail attacked the Megarangers where it hurt the most.  More often than not, he would attack the Megarangers' weak points and he would heckle both Yugande and Shibolena, much to their nuisance.  A villain who really is dark and depraved compared to his comrades would be an interesting gamechanger.

Remember there will be more spoilers.  Unless you are a spoiler addict like me or you've seen Megaranger for more than half of it, I suggest you don't proceed.

One awesome Kamen Rider villain written off so soon...

It would remind me of one villain from Kamen Rider Black namely Sword Saint Bilgenia.  Both characters were the Scott Evil of their shows, coming up with practical plans when the rest were always coming up with something stupid.

Like I could think of this... and I took the idea from Toku Warriors and Shogo B'Stard:

Yugande: Well then what do you say we do this.  First, we create a couple of dimensional doors, trap people in it and then... we start to cause chaos.
Gurail: Oh puh-lease do you think you can take over the world with the Megarangers all around?  Why don't we just make up some plan to make them think Nezire would be destroyed, we bait them then we blow them up to Kingdom Come?!  Sheesh!  You aren't thinking!

Pretty much, the plans of Nezire well are your typically convoluted or unbelievable plots that happen in Super Sentai.  While it's true that Super Sentai villains are mostly never known for their common sense, always hatching stupid schemes like a balloon bomb operation, swapping people's faces and so on to inflict harm on humanity, they tend to forget the Super Sentai team will always stop them one way or another.  Gurail was usually focused on the Megarangers with one more practical plan against the Megarangers after the other, making the Megarangers suffer a living hell.

What I thought was that the time he used Gurail quite indiscriminately could have been used for later than that time.  He could have just simply focused on yet another cruel scheme that would make the Megarangers suffer.  Then we have the one maybe, let him steal some important artifact for himself and cause people to attack the Megarangers.  Then later on, he could unleash a demon beast which will be destroyed by the Megarangers.  Instead. we have Dr. Hinelar give him a berserk power up capsule and in episode 32, he was easily destroyed by the Mega Voyager.  Wait?  That's it?!

Later on, Megaranger had these group of trolls namely the Nejirangers.  They came two episodes later after Gurail's death.  What I thought was that it would be interesting if Gurail really had some interaction with these trolls.  The Nezirangers were a bigger threat as they were focused on destroying the Megarangers.  However they also were disposable tools as they were created from Javious's DNA.  The more they used their power, the more Javious' life force was taken away.

Make Gurail unaware of it at first then later, he discovers something fishy which could have led to some conflict.  But first, make him the jealous bastard who would want to destroy the Megarangers himself.  Either he trolls the trolls openly or by sabotaging any plans.  Like I think he could be secretly responsible for the death of Nejire Pink or not.  Or he could have said, "Well there are five of you and only one of me.  Only if you people stopped fighting each other, you could have defeated the Megarangers." while devising a scheme that would be sabotaged.  Then later on, he becomes too helpless against Dr. Hinelar's well calculated schemes.

This should have happened to Gurail... idea courtesy of Toku Warriors!

So as soon as Javious is destroyed by Dr. Hinelar's well-calculated plans, I could imagine how Dr. Hinelar would bring Gurail to his knees, something similar to what happened to Radiguet in Jetman.  Have the bastard tremble before Dr. Hinelar's terrifying power and make him say, "Hinelar-Sama!" at the top of his voice as soon as the Nejirangers are destroyed.  However he may soon set plans to sabotage Dr. Hinelar's, Hinelar City to where he may soon be written off one way or another... or not.

My idea would be a vengeful Gurail would soon be forced to cooperate with Yugande and Shibolena now more powered up, watching over him.  However he has plans of his own and he could start to be really, really cunning.  The spirits of the Nejirangers may arrive and they may try to haunt him or something.  Maybe he could pretend to side with Dr. Hinelar while actually having plans of his own to seize power for himself.  Then it could work itself either towards killing him in the end of the Hinelar City arc or the finale arc.  I could also imagine he would try to work on a coup against Hinelar only to get foiled by Dr. Hinelar himself.

For the finale arc, I would have him actually torture the Megarangers and even merge with Yugande for the final battle.  He could care less as long as he destroys the Megarangers.  He would go as far as to freeze them, torture them when they are most vulnerable before he is finally defeated.  Those were a few ideas that could have been implemented into Gurail.  Fortunately the Nejirangers weren't passive enemies but rather elevated the danger level really good.  What is done is done and I still like Megaranger in spite of this injustice like I still like Kamen Rider Black overall in spite of Bilgenia's removal so soon.