Wishful Thinking: Why I Think Naruhisa Arakawa Not Yasuko Kobayashi Should've Been ToQGer's Headwriter!

It's no secret that I do have my disappointment with ToQGer.  At this point, I would blame Toei's staff for not considering the writer of the series or they haven't looked back at every writer's strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing the right person to assign for writing a certain Super Sentai season can have great effects on the show.

Yasuko Kobayashi for me just didn't make the cut here and it made her lackluster job as a writer for Tokumei Sentai Gobusters look like it was close to becoming a masterpiece!  While she was responsible for Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, Mirai Sentai Timeranger and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, she was also responsible for Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Den-O (which she started dabbling with more comedy) and Kamen Rider OOO (which I enjoy).  Compared to Kamen Rider OOO, ToQGer really ran out of IMAGINATION, the supposed source of power for the show itself.  While she did good with Shinkenger (but it's not as good as Gingaman and Timeranger), ToQGer was where either she burned out or she just gave up writing better stories.

My better pick for ToQGer's head writer is Naruhisa Arakawa.  Back in the 90s, he wrote Jetman's utterly silly Dryer Jigen episodes but started writing better episodes after that.  He also became a major contributor for Megaranger where he also wrote the finale instead of its head writer Junki Takegami.  He became Kamen Rider Kuuga's headwriter which started to give audience of a taste to come and the show was a success.  He would later proceed to become the headwriter of Abaranger, Dekaranger and later on, Gokaiger.  I would consider Dekaranger to be his Sentai masterpiece though Abaranger and Gokaiger are honorable mentions for me.

Aside from official Tokusatsu, he was also the headwriter for the mini-series called Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger (Unofficial Sentai Delusionranger).  Since ToQGer was fueled by IMAGINATION and well, Arakawa is indeed a master of humor.  Writing for a mini-series like Akibaranger for two seasons would have already given him a better idea of how to generate the IMAGINATION of the ToQGers.  As much as I like Kobayashi but I think Arakawa would have been better for the job due to his experience with Akibaranger.  After all, wasn't Akibaranger fueled by delusion so at least he would have an idea on how to write on a show powered by IMAGINATION!

The ToQGers themselves needed better humor to get that IMAGINATION fuel going for the show.  I'm fine if ToQGer is meant to be comical for most of its run.  However while Kobayashi's humor worked in Den-O, OOO and Shinkenger but I felt like she just fell apart after OOO.  Arakawa may have handled a team of amnesiacs who are actually children forced grown into adults better than Kobayashi.  I wouldn't mind her as a sub-writer but Arakawa would've been better.

Also, I thought if Arakawa were the writer, Emperor Zed would have more or less a better execution for a comedic main villain.  To be honest, I would be fine if Emperor Zed were a Warz Gill 2.0 (he does look quite young) but the whole just there to steal sparkling objects was a complete contradiction him being an emperor of darkness.  I mean, Emperor Zed somehow made the incompetent idiot Warz Gill look better.  At least, Warz Gill was focused on conquering Earth than Emperor Zed with and obsession for sparkly objects!   I could care less if he was silly or what, just make him focused on Shadow Line's obsession with drowning the world into darkness!

Sad to say what is done is done and ToQGer for me is one show I may not bother to rewatch compared to Kamen Rider Kiva.