Dekaranger Full Action Blast: Is It A Message Against Oligarchical Systems?

As a Dekaranger fan, I also watched the Dekaranger special feature called Dekaranger: Full Action Blast which the Dekarangers face off against the Algolians.  The movie itself may have a subtle reference to oligarchy itself.

The main villain of the movie is named Vulgar (Vodka) while he is flanked by his minions namely Brandel (Brandy), Zeen (Gin) and Whinsky (Whisky).  So what was their entire plan?  It was a dirty business that involved a dirty monopoly.  Vulgar is acted by none other than Kenichi Endo, who resembles the Filipino-Chinese businessman and liquor tycoon Lucio Tan.  Coincidence?

What was Vulgar's plan in the movie?  First they infect people around the galaxy with a virus that turns everyone into machine slaves... and they started with Planet Leslie.  One could view that a country ruled by the oligarchy can have people become machine slaves unless they do something about it.  Vulgar's plan was taking over Planet Leslie for his criminal dealings.  Any country under the oligarchy will seek to turn people into blind followers.

Another important plan of the movie might show how the oligarchy actually works.  In the movie, the Algolians started to infect other people then they plan to create the vaccine.  Do they plan to create the vaccine to help people?  No... it's the plan to CONTROL people in their corporate corrupt monopoly.  Only they will have the cure for the virus but it must be sold at a very high price.  Man these guys really mastered their economics.

You might view ANY transactions that the Algolians made with Abrella as the oligarchy hiring illegal services to help them with their dirty jobs.  In the Marcos Years, the oligarchy were protected by the services of thugs.  One may view Abrella as a corrupt government that feeds the oligarchy, illegal protection or any big time gang that provides services to the oligarchy.

Marigold might be the example of anybody who has no choice but to compromise with the oligarchy.  She wants to help her people but she is also misled by the oligarchy and their broken promises.  You might view her as the soon-to-be-laid-off worker who is promised regularization but she isn't given that regularization.

All these events for me aren't pure coincidence.  Maybe it's really an eye opener against the oligarchy system.


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