Four Reasons Why I'd Watch Gobusters Over ToQGer

While I did write why I'd watch Go-onger over Gobusters, but I figured out I'd watch Gobusters over ToQGer.  For me, ToQGer was really where Yasuko Kobayashi either burned out or... just gave up writing a better story.  Gobusters for me, I don't think I can hate it either although I have a low opinion on it.  Moving on....

The heroes

While I was watching both sides of the coin, ToQGer felt more like it was too primarily focused on children but Gobusters at least tried to appeal with the older audience.  Gobusters was basically Yasuko Kobayashi trying to make her darkest work after she previously wrote the fun season of Shinkenger, she wanted to re-attempt into going back with darker, more serious stories.  Now I have nothing against fun seasons, but ToQGer for me failed to impress me as much as Go-onger.  At least Go-onger for me felt more like it had a plot going on along with it.

So where do I think the Gobusters cast stands out against the ToQGer cast?  I felt like the Gobusters though they were stiff for most of the run, they weren't all that bad for me the more I watched them.  ToQGer's rangers felt like they were characters from Sesame Street than for Super Sentai IMO.  Again, this is just my opinion on why Gobusters ends up standing high against ToQGer.


Perhaps one of my biggest beefs IMO against ToQGer is the mecha execution.  While I would prefer Shinkenger over Gobusters or Go-onger over Gobusters, but at this point, I can bring up mecha again.  I felt like Gobusters' limiting its number of mecha was better than ToQGer overloading the show with all that mecha.  I know Gobusters had poor toy sales but so what?  I prefer it over ToQGer.

The villains

Now I have nothing against comedic villains, the problem with ToQGer was that the villains lacked the "it" factor.  With Emperor Zed, I thought he should have just remained consistent with the aim of Shadow Line, get rid of anything that shines.  I thought it was very bad comedy to have Emperor Zed with an obsession for things that shine.  He could have been kept funny while being true to his mission.  I felt like for a comic villain, Emperor Zed falls flat.

Now Gobusters does have some lacking villains.  You only had Messiah and Enter, later we had Escape but I thought that Gobusters' villains were more developed.  I know I had issues with the Gobusters' villains but I thought Messiah and Enter had more charm than Emperor Zed.  Enter still knew how to make an entrance (pun intended) vs. Emperor Zed who just kept making a fool out himself like, he should have thought of a stupid plan to get rid of the light of the Rainbow Line than overtake it like a moth drawn to a flame.


Now I did write about the humor in Gobusters to be horrid for me in the past.  However, I ended up appreciating Gobusters' humor a little bit after ToQGer.  I felt like all the shock reactions in ToQGer were overly done.  For some reason, I felt like either Yasuko Kobayashi or the producer Takaaki Utsunomiya both just gave up trying to come up with another good show.  I would sound hypocritical considering I am a fan of Kamen Rider Kiva, but felt like unlike ToQGer, Kiva's humor wasn't all that forced either.  The humor of ToQGer for me was so badly done... again this is coming from somebody who doesn't hate Go-onger so feel free to disagree.


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    1. I'd watch it over Kyoryuger. Sorry for the delete of very last response. If anything, know that I'm not a huge fan of Toku of general these days.

  2. After Gobusters, we now have 2 possibly 3 Sentai Stinkers! Kyoryugers had the lowest ratings compared to Gobusters. ToQuegers, with 47 episodes is not obvious. Ninninger, I am not too excited and surprised.

    If Go Busters had the same foundation as Go Ongers with number of villains. 7 instead of 5 Busters and more weapons. At least the plot could be moving forward.

  3. Kyoryuger... honestly I'm not a huge fan of Toku in general though...

    That means I just watch whatever I feel I want to watch...


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