My Favorite Super Sentai Villain Songs!

Here's my favorite Super Sentai villain theme songs in no particular order and not all of them appeared within their shows but were part of the soundtrack.  I can be biased with this list, go ahead and feel free to tell me which songs you believe are better and which songs here are just trashy.

Maskman's Ungler Song was played in Maskman episode 47 but it only was played in minus one.  The song itself has the creepy feeling of Zeba's tyranny and it somewhat fits a death march theme.

The Urami No Grudge song in Turboranger also had that creepy feeling of the Boumas ready to attack humanity.  In due fairness, I still think Turboranger's soundtrack is better than Carranger's even if I do love both series.  Again, I still find myself liking Turboranger better than Carranger but at a very short distance.

The Jigen Song in Jetman had an interesting rock and roll vibe to it, mentioning the names of the Jigens and it begins with an evil laugh, it has a vibe that makes you want to go villainous.  Too bad for the singer, my top favorite Sentai villain Radiguet won't like this song (he seems to be too stuck with classical music). =P

The Song of Witch Bandora in Zyuranger is much better than Hey Rita.  Now I might be biased but has that mystical theme, fit for the theme of Bandora is that wicked witch that hates children.  It was first sung when Bandora saw their possible alliance with Burai and in other occasions as well, when she thinks she's going to get the upper hand or just for fun.

Junior's Kuro No Kikoshi in Kakuranger is one awesome badass song.  Junior used this song to summon his father Daimaou with a devilish ritual, complete with death black spells and all.  I thought Kenichi Endo (although it's not his voice) was able to perform the scene rather well.  Only if Pizza Black will let Kenichi Endo repeat this scene again!

Yumemiru Zonette in Carranger is a sweet mellow song that Zonette sang in the Baribarin.  I didn't realize Rika Nanase can also sing!  I feel like this song had its really nice touch of Zonette's feelings for the Red Racer, who she later discovers is really Kyousuke the "monkey faced" civilian.

Mikoto's Dead End Game in Abaranger - Screw it whoever wanted to redeem Mikoto at the last minute because this guy was so much a badass villain!  So far this is my favorite song from the villain songs in Abaranger.  I mean, screw this guy - he is such a big bully to BOTH the heroes and the villains and he plays reckless games all because he's bored.  He even took over Evorian and bullied them or the more I see this song, the more I realize why he's my favorite Abaranger villain!

What's yours?  Comment!


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