Sentai Comedy: The Star-Crossed Love Story of Kyousuke and Zonette!

This feels like Poison Ivy not knowing Bruce Wayne is Batman

After watching Carranger and well, it might not be Valentine's Day and I discovered this... wow I can't believe that some of my favorite Sentai red rangers share some kind of ill-fated romance namely Takeru (Maskman) with Ial, Ryu with Rie/Maria (it doesn't help that Kaori likes him and Gai likes Kaori), Tatsuya and Yuuri and well... Kyousuke has it with Zonette which is however a parody of romances (in Abaranger, Asuka may be black but he has shared an ill-fated romance with Jannu which fortunately had a happy ending). Carranger's comedic romance is really THAT entertaining.

The whole comedy itself is when Zonette is only in love with Red Racer, not the man in the suit which creates a series of complicated problems, written in a comedic way. What is very funny is that Zonette is unaware of the fact that the "monkey faced civilian" Kyousuke and the Red Racer are just the same person. Hmmm... I find that awkward to fall in love with a costumed person and it's not odd for a woman to fall for an ugly man with a good heart, knowing how physically ugly the person was. It's just an oddity really, what's with the gimmick of making Zonette fall for the Red Racer and she doesn't even know how he looks like?! But it was entertaining for me anyway and well, Natsumi tends to oppose Kyousuke since she's probably the most sensible person in the group! Remember, spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Well there's also the comedic love triangle involved. As you see, while Zonette has a crush on Red Racer (which ends up with Kyousuke having a love triangle with himself) is also her suitor President Gynamo. Although Gynamo is the President of Bowzock, Zonette used her sex appeal to rule over him and their gang of morons. Carranger's unique formula of not letting the villains know the civilian identity of the Carrangers was part of the whole mess that Zonette, Kyousuke (with his alter ego) and Gynamo who unsuccessfully tries to woo Zonette.

I really didn't know how to react to Kyousuke falling for Zonette considering she is an antagonist. But he decided to do it anyway like when he decided it's time to tell her the truth that he is Red Racer. She started to show more of her redemption like when she told Carranger of Exhaus' ultimate plan against them. Midseason, her sister Radietta tried to reconcile their differences. During the time Kyousuke did his most badass moment of defeating Gorotsuki (the monster sent to make Zonette fall for Gynamo so both of them can tie the knot) OUT OF SUIT. Yes, that was indeed a badass, serious scene but it helped out the comedy's plot. She was revealed to be Vanity Mirror Fanbelt where she resumed back to her original self with her feelings for Kyousuke still intact.

I found the finale to be sort of a parody of Maskman's bittersweet finale. So I would assume that she had no choice but to break up with Kyousuke. Maybe they did date in the finale but she had to return to her planet to fulfill her role as the older princess. Maybe she's now the queen of Fanbelt and she's got suitors. But like Ial in Maskman, she still had the red ranger in her heart as she kept Kyousuke in her memories, accepting that the "monkey faced civilian" was the same person as the Red Racer.


  1. I have and watched the episode of Zonette's obsession with Red Racer as Zonette gave every boy and man a excuse to tune in Carrangers.

    It is a cute love story, remember the episode starts with a sweet marriage ceremony with Zonette saying I do a Red Racer in a Tux.

    With all the misadventures between the heroes and the villains. Kyosuke realizes Zonette's obsession with his alter ego and has a iffy interest for Zonette.
    He goes back to Zonette and attempts to cheer her up but she leaves in disappointment.

    In the final arc, Zonette is revealed to be a kidnapped and brainwashed princess. Sadly the two remained friends and the last we saw of Kyosuke. He is a drivers ed. instructor with no regrets of not involved with Princess Fan belt.


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