Sentai Rambling: My Lower Ranking Seasons Based On Super Sentai Series That I've Watched From Start to End

So here's my list of Super Sentai seasons I've watched from start to end that I consider to be at the lower rank. Now this is just MY OPINION and come on, can't I be allowed to share my opinion and DO I HAVE TO LIKE EVERY SENTAI SHOW?! Moving on... remember these are just my biases okay?

Mahou Sentai Magiranger - I personally think this is one of the seasons I really don't like in the long run. Sure it has all the cool magic and stuff but... Houka really makes the whole show a pain to watch and it's just too focused on lower quality stories for me. IMO, I'd watch Kamen Rider Wizard more than this show. Fiveman (I don't consider it a masterpiece nor close to becoming one but I don't consider it to be worthy in this list) which didn't do so well for me is MUCH BETTER than this show. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to watching GogoV from start to end. As of right now, I find this to be at the very bottom as of right now and maybe, it will take time for me to actually warm up to this. For me, Boukenger is still WAY better than this one.

Ressha Sentai ToQGer - Now the show did get an award for promoting safety rulesbut I thought that award should have been given to GogoV back in the 90s. I did watch this series from start to end but I simply can't really, take it seriously. Unlike Shinkenger, ToQGer has lower quality writing and Takaaki Utsonomiya wasn't doing a superb job as a producer here. So I'd admit that I'd watch Kamen Rider Kiva or Go-onger over this show. Either Yasuko Kobayashi just burnt out OR she just gave up writing better stories during this show. Naruhisa Arakawa would've been better as its head writer IMO. However, I'd watch this show over Magiranger as of this moment since it does have likable characters but the show can be ruined by too much mecha and inconsistencies. Plus, I thought Emperor Zed's comic antics weren't that well-written either compared to most comedic villains.

Meanwhile you can check out these Super Sentai series I watched from start to end that I've dubbed as masterpieces.


  1. the award was from the national train board GOGOV would have gotten an award from the national fire and resce i would think

  2. Between the two series of Magiranger and Gobusters, the show that should be listed is Kyoryugers and sadly to say Ninninger. Both Magiranger and Gobusters has the originality with them. But of the two, Gobuster has much more flaws!!!

  3. ToQger was definitely seen as a "reboot" series for super sentai to draw in the early adolescent group. I thought the imagery was descent but you can tell the writing was really down this season.


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