Sentai Rambling: Toshiki Inoue Should've Been Assigned More Super Sentai Episodes!

Okay some people may want to SHOOT ME for writing this, well this is MY OPINION on Toshiki Inoue the person responsible my personal favorite Super Sentai, Chojin Sentai Jetman.  Okay maybe he's pretty infamous thanks to some of his bad writing, so he's the Frank Miller of Tokusatsu according to Shogo B'Stard.  But still, I thought he could have been interesting to add into some Super Sentai seasons.

 I think Toshiki Inoue should have either been more involved OR should have been a writer in the following seasons which I could be biased, since I like ALL the seasons listed below:

While watching Gingaman, I personally thought that as much as I love the series, maybe he could have been used in writing some episodes involving family.  I thought that the series could have used some of his darker and edgier stuff, just to complement some of Kobayashi's writing style (they have similar styles).  I wish he could have been involved with the writing of Gingaman instead of Naruhisa Arakawa imo.  Again, Arakawa did good but I thought he would have been better... just my honest opinion.

For me, looking at episodes 14 and 22 of Timeranger,  Episode 14 of Timeranger involved Ayase's relationship with a former rival and episode 22 was with a deadly female seductress.  I thought, Inoue should have given at least a quarter of Timeranger!  However during that time, he was more involved with Kuuga so... that can't be helped.

I also wished Inoue were involved in Dekaranger to write some really darker and edgier police episodes.  I really wished that he would have written some episodes into Dekaranger, involving darker and edgier plots for an otherwise lighthearted police series as after all, Dekaranger did have some darker episodes like the episode where Hoji had to delete his ex-girlfriend's brother.

I honestly thought that maybe, just maybe he could have been involved in Boukenger aside from Naruhisa Arakawa, Yasuko Kobayashi and Junki Takegami.  For all we know, he might actually give Masumi some better writing or two, add some conflict into an otherwise merry band of adventurers.  Heck, he might even give Satoru a better reason to hate Ryuon.

Gekiranger is a darker series so I thought that maybe, he would be good for this series.  I would say let him replace write a good portion of Gekiranger, we might actually get more conflict than usual.  Now I do consider this season a masterpiece but it could have actually done better if he were involved in it IMO.

Looking at how he had actually dabbled with comedy but one thing is, he wrote comedy at the wrong show at the wrong time like the cooking battle in Kamen Rider Blade.  I would have actually preferred if his cheesy comedy were in Shinkenger (ex. the cooking battle) and maybe, just maybe we'll get to see Mako's running gag as a bad cook used in actual combat for once.  As a fan of Kamen Rider Kiva, I think he would have done good to be a sub-writer in this show.

Gobusters might actually have a little bit of uplifting if Yasuko Kobayashi had some assistance from Toshiki Inoue in writing the series.  Okay, he doesn't have to be the head writer, just give him a good portion of the show and we might actually see Hiromu develop for once like a Chicken Metaroid episode would be good IMO.  In due fairness, I think Kamen Rider Faiz is still more watchable than Gobusters.  He should have been the show's secondary writer.

After looking at how ToQGer really was, it lacked character development.  Maybe you can get mad at this but I thought that Kamen Rider Kiva is way better than this show, okay that's just my opinion.  I thought maybe if he were assigned to write a good portion of the show, maybe we will really get better development.  Other than that, this show should have been assigned to Naruhisa Arakawa.

So that's my opinion, feel free to disagree!


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