Short-Lived Mika's Concept Wasn't Short Lived!

When I think of Bioman and how short-lived Mika was, fortunately the concept did not die with the character.  I felt like Bioman was a season to experiment here and there.  Bioman was the first Super Sentai series to have two females (and back then, I had NO IDEA that most Sentai series had only one girl in the team back then), the first female yellow ranger (one died, another came in) and you can consider the first (and only) Super Sentai team to use the Beastnoids lacking human-sized monsters (Dekaranger hardly had human-sized monsters but no Beastnoids that keep retreating) and the first to have a mad scientist (Dr. Man).  Now I can discuss about Mika's concept and how it really lived on even if she didn't last long... that is the concept of a female yellow ranger who's snappy, rebellious (but not really) and badass!

The concept was sort of relived with Haruka herself in Maskman.  I felt like Mika's concept was relived in Maskman, one of my favorite series.  Haruka herself was the tomboy to Momoko's feminine side.  If you remembered in Bioman, Mika's ancestor (and possibly who is also Jun's ancestor) is also a female ninja.  However Haruka was not hesitant to fight compared to Mika, she was more than willing to kick ass and she used her ninja skills as a Maskman.  What was interesting is that she also gets fan-paired with Takeru... funny huh?

If you want to know who I currently think is really the closest or perhaps, what could be a full season Mika Koizumi is Natsumi Kinohara.  Oh boy, I really think she's probably the second most powerful Carranger after Kyousuke.  In fact, if I am to rank everyone, I think she would be my second favorite character.  Like Mika, she is a snappy, rebellious character who frequently wore red and she is one BADASS fighter.  I would definitely fall in love with her and want her for a date if I were her teammate!  She also had some "chemistry" with Kyousuke but they never became a couple.  Like Mika she tends to act on her own but will work with everyone whenever it's needed.

For Chisato, not really, she's very sweet (but beware should you annoy her, she won't be hesitant to be blunt on you) and feminine compared to Natsumi who is boyish.  But the only thing she has with Mika is... she's a camerawoman, she's a yellow ranger and she tends to have some "chemistry" with the red ranger though in the show, she's attracted to Kouichiro, every ideal woman's man but the two never dated at all for some reason.

I felt like Luka of Gokaiger was also a Mika Koizumi tribute in the sense, she was the team's tomboy and two, she had the habit of opposing Marvelous at times.  I thought she's also pretty badass herself and the tomboy in contrast to Ahim as a princess.


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