The More I Watch Old School Super Sentai, The Harder It's For Me To Appreciate Newer Super Sentai!

My two favorite rangers... Five Blue and Red Mask!

I did write that one of my PERSONAL Great Professor Biases (pun intended) was that the more I watch Super Sentai, the harder it is for me to appreciate Power Rangers, my latest personal Great Professor Bias has to be that the more I watch older Super Sentai, the harder it's for me to appreciate newer Super Sentai which at times causes me to move on with other stuff, take a temporary break from Tokusatsu or just stick with old school. Again, maybe it's just a hangover.

So proud to announce this is my latest watch!

With my latest Sentai watched from start to end namely Gekisou Sentai Carranger, I thought that the show itself had a lot of badass action for a near-parody show. For instance, maybe I'll talk about some of the cool scenes done by my favorite member of the show, Kyousuke or for Natsumi, she does display she's a skilled martial artist. Now I personally don't hate Go-onger but I like Carranger more as comedy series that aside from better writing, it has loads of civilian action. I will admit that Kyousuke's defeating a monster out of suit to prove his love for Zonette was... really badass and while I didn't laugh at that scene, I applauded his display of raw power or in Fiveman, my favorite Ken's suitless victory against a monster. Eiji's battle wasn't that impressive for me. Again, I'm talking favorites here, hehehehehe.

Yeah I know that... no need to keep reminding me...

Back then, Super Sentai had the civilian cast do a lot of action. I remembered the interview Ryosuke Kaizo (Kazunori Inaba) had with Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan Chris Cantada as he said that Power Rangers (as of late) has had more civilian fight scenes than Super Sentai (as of late). I guess he was comparing the current trend to which Super Sentai needs to improve of right now. As of late, Ninninger and ToQGer are both more CGI reliant and you hardly see any stunt scenes! Personally, I don't like Power Rangers as of recent but... I'll give credit where credit is due.

Easily one of the best scenes in Dekaranger but sadly, this is rare...

Super Sentai last decade had some action scenes here the civilian actor/actress scenes like Hoji's badass fight scene in Dekaranger, Ranru's biking stunts in Abaranger, Gekiranger's martial arts scenes prior to transformation, the girls with guns scene in Boukenger and Shinkenger has lots of civilian action scenes using swords like Spike should think twice before he messes with Mako. However in comparison, I thought that these scenes were more similar to Power Rangers civilian fight scenes vs. the civilian fight scenes of older Super Sentai where they just don't pass TV-Y7-FV. Sad to say but later Super Sentai series after 2010 tend to be too reliant on CGI and before that, I would say Go-onger and Magiranger (which I don't like now) can be included. Ninninger and ToQGer are also too CGI reliant and I hardly see any real raw action. =P

I tend to have extra mecha allergy... and it started when I saw Galaxy Robo in Maskman =P

I also remembered the time I took a Tokusatsu break because of an instant Great Professor Bias that I developed with multi-gattai and two, I'll admit I am pretty resistant to change at times. Was I really that Great Professor Biased? Not really but I personally think that the 80s-90s mecha were usually better. What I ignored was that Ohranger was a massive toy commercial. Sometimes I felt a show had too much mecha which were just there for toy sales, not for real plot and well, Toei has always been about the money right which may explain why they partnered up with Saban to produce Power Rangers from their existing shows! Again, I had the tendency to have mecha allergy and as a child, I didn't immediately accept Maskman's Galaxy Robo. Later on, I thought it's not going to be bad if it was written into the show properly.

Two pitiful and shallow reasons to watch Shinkenger... but both removed from my top ten favorites! Rin over Mako and Ako over Kotoha FTW!

I noticed that in newer Super Sentai, there is the tendency to have better eye candy as well and Shinkenger is an eye candy season but as said, what makes it good is the writing and charm, not the eye candy that the shows possess. While there were pretty Sentai girls like Hikaru Katsuragi, Momoko, Haruna Morikawa, Rin, Tsurihime, Momo and Chisato Jougasaki but the girls for post-Gaoranger tend to be prettier for most of the time. Again, eye candy doesn't affect my decision making in the long run. Sure Shinkenger has Mako and Yuuri's not really pretty (both are in my list of favorites) but, Timeranger is the better written script for me. That is, I find Timeranger to be a better written story but only if I can get more clear subs than what I saw it with. =P

So what I can say is, I'm just having my personal preferences. So maybe some of you like shows I don't like, some of you still continue watching Power Rangers, some of you may feel Sentai is getting better, I don't really mind. I hope I have stressed my opinion enough.


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