The Prototype X-1 Mask's Concept Gets Split Into... SEVERAL CHARACTERS?!

So as a child who watched Maskman's crappy dub on IBC-13 way back in the 90s, I was always intrigued by the one-time ranger Ryo Asuka also known as X-1 Mask... so much after seeing Bioman's Magne Warrior episodes.  I always said, "Why couldn't X-1 Mask just stay for more than one episode?"  Back then, I also watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers while having no clue about Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger... but now it's time for me to speak as a grown-up 30 year old Super Sentai fan!

Just in case you didn't know but I guess most Sentai fans know, Toshiki Inoue was the writer behind the X-1 Mask episode of Maskman.  It was sort of his experiment to attempt on an anti-hero who would oppose the red ranger.  X-1 Mask was an experimental Maskman who ran off without a word after his girlfriend died during a Tube attack.  So with Gai Yuki doing the stuff like X-1 Mask did before he fully becomes a Jetman like going to a bar, playing pool, getting a drink, going to a casino AND opposing the red ranger, it's obviously Inoue wanted to take the concept to a whole season with Gai Yuki as a black ranger.  But the saga of an X-1 Mask inspired character didn't end with Gai Yuki!

Not so surprisingly, Zyuranger came just so shortly after Jetman came and I felt like aside from Gai Yuki, Burai is really another version of X-1 Mask but lasting for some time.  What was epic about Burai was how he was so epic in the "Green With Evil" saga (spoilers) in Zyuranger.  I dunno how true this is that Burai was meant to die at the end of his epic six part introduction but because of fan demand... he was given an extension instead of being a six parter X-1 Mask!  Now I wish somebody can verify that for me.   Like X-1 Mask, Burai really has some temper issues aside from the fact that he's badass.

The idea of a prototype ranger suit was later reused in Megaranger.  Now there's hardly a similarity between Yuusaku and Ryo Asuka but the idea is there.  Megasilver was a prototype to the current set of Megaranger suits.  Yuusaku was an INET agent who took the suit and at first, it can only stay for 2.5 minutes but later, after the suit was powered down, he could use it for a longer period of time similar to the Megarangers' suit duration.

For Timeranger, now feel free to criticize me for this but, I felt like Naoto Takizawa is also an X-1 Mask inspired character.  He's a badass anti-hero who opposes the red ranger, he's Timeranger's version of Gai Yuki!  Okay he did get his suit from the future and he picked his destiny for one.  Feel free to comment why he shouldn't be here!

Well for Masumi Inou, simple... it's because he's a Gai Yuki tribute.  I don't think I need to elaborate too much on this one.


  1. Great point you made with a character that is almost forgotten!
    X-1 Mask is surely a archetype character and also to add, his design is a early attempt on Maskman which was called Fiveman. He looks very much like Battle France.

    Also to add, King Ranger Riki. His powers is the first before the 1999 invasion and the involvement of the Over tech Hardware development.

    Though these characters are not of the numeric 6 and comes from a team of 3-5 I would add them in.

    Abaremax Killer-For only 5 episodes and a Versus movie. Dr. Mikoto, who is a rouge and has a defective Dino Guts unit. His suit and powers seems to be a early creation before the rest of the Abarerangers.
    I would also like to count Asuka in it as well too but only his powers as he is well not his persona.

    Geki Violet- Gou Fakumi is one of the first 4 Gekijyuken practitioner and also a a troubled lone wolf(no pun intended). His powers are not old but his persona matches Ryou Asuka.

    Beet Buster- Jin Masato who is both a eccentric and anti authoritarian. He was behind the Buster project and suits. Both his buddyroid Beet J. Stag and the Buster suits are the very first to be produced.

    Time Fire is a excellent example to the list as his powers is the first Time Unit to be created and used in a Time paradox. And Naoto is very much like Kamen Rider Kaixa Masato Kusaka a over achiever.


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