Two Mega-Crossovers: Megaranger VS. Carranger, Gingaman VS. Megaranger

It's been some time since I did some reviews or write-ups on Sentai crossovers. As said, the Super Sentai crossovers DO NOT happen in the mainstream universe but in the VS. Universe. This is because the norm of writing Super Sentai is to start everything from scratch in a self-contained continuity compared to the norm of Power Rangers of attempting to link them one by one. Both writing styles have their merits and demerits.

Now I'd like to share my thoughts on the Mega-Crossovers what what I thought about them. What's also funny for Carranger, Megaranger and Gingaman all my favorites are the RED RANGERS. Both crossovers were written by Naruhisa Arakawa.

Megaranger vs. Carranger

The movie's crossover plot involves Picot who travels from one planet after the other granting wishes. I felt this movie may have tried to reference throughout the Hirohisa Soda era with with what may be incidental references such as the Carrangers dressing up as high schoolers (the Turborangers were high schoolers), Crab Nezire (and the Bioman movie had Crab-Kans as the mecha-gaigan) and the wish-granting Picot might be a reference to Seelon in Turboranger. When Chisato and Natsumi (my favorite yellows) were together, it felt like Mika Koizumi was referenced as Natsumi for me is a season long version of Mika while Chisato had her photography as a hobby.

I found this non-canon plot funny as the Megarangers run into the Carrangers. At the same time, one non-canon member of Bowzock enters into the scene wanting to get Picot to wish for an intergalactic highway. This creates a serise hijinks between the Carrangers and the Megarangers as they must cooperate to save Picot's power from becoming used by either which bad guy. I did like to see how my two favorite rangers from each show get badass together.

What I find amazing with this crossover is how in spite of being non-canon, it can be fit into canon if you wanted to. For example, none of the events really contradicted the events of Carranger and Megaranger maybe except the fact they don't know of each other right? Still, it's a Mega-Crossover.

Gingaman vs. Megaranger

Well this is another of my favorite crossovers which unlike Megaranger vs. Carranger, creates a huge what if at both series' ends. The crossover's what if events supposedly happen after the end of BOTH Gingaman and Megaranger. The Gingamen have won as the movie seems to fit so well with Gingaman's ending and the Megarangers are seen to have been in College already. Considering Arakawa wrote the Megaranger finale, I don't find Megaranger's alternate reality fates to be any different than what could have happened in Megaranger proper.

The plot of Gingaman vs. Megaranger is where Captain Zahab's non-canon brother Captain Gregory returns and revives the Balban. At the same time, Shibolena's duplicate known as Hizumina exists with the wish to revive Dr. Hinelar. It also shows a what-if scenario in Megaranger. While all the other Megarangers have gone abroad, both Chisato and Kenta stay in Japan. Early on in the movie, it felt like Chisato is dating Kenta even if in Megaranger, neither of them were attracted to each other but only a couple of shipteases. Meawhile, Miku remains as the hopeless romantic to Shun.

What was nice about this crossover was how it made a what if for both series not trying to fit in-between then poof, add something non-canon but to how it really tried to see both shows beyond their canonical endings.


  1. Megaranger is just the SHITZ! Whether they are crossovers or Vs. they still happen and usually would happen some where in the middle or close end of the series.

    The Megaranger vs. Carranger one was the more continual as Kenta quotes meeting and hanging out with the Carrangers in their Yearbook in the closing of the special.


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