Wishful Thinking: ToQGer's Emperor Zed's Characterization!

While watching ToQGer, I felt like the comedic execution of Zed was practically wrong, just wrong since it ruined the consistency behind Shadow Line's mission.  So how did I feel Zed should have been done?  Assuming ToQGer is meant to be a comedy series like Carranger or Go-onger (both series having fearsome big bads), I have some methods that could have worked out:

Make him more or less like post-marriage Lord Zedd in a way which seemingly silly yet possesses a dangerous streak.  I will admit that I find post-marriage Lord Zedd better than before he got married considering he did a lot more damage than when he was still that temperamental fellow.  I would want to imagine Zed here as the son of Rita and Lord Zedd, misplaced and one day growing up wishing to restore his parents' legacy.  I would have him return in ToQGer, angry with Shadow Line that they haven't conquered the world with darkness and when he first arrives, he's disgusted with all the light and sparkles around, while maintaining the attitude of a Three Stooges' villain.

Using Doukoku as a partial template may have also worked as well.  Doukoku was obsessed with filling up the Sanzu River because that's the only way the Gedoushu to freely access the surface world without drying up.  That is, he will be obsessed with destroying anything that sparkles INSTEAD of acquiring them.  Well they can keep Zett's silly nature while making him think of better plans to conquer the world with darkness.  That is, keep him consistent with the Shadow Line's real goal even if he can stay stupid for all we care.

If nobody likes the silly part, well why not give him Exhaus' or Yogoschrimaten's brutal nature right?  I could have Zed himself having that level of cruelty, where he intends to actually build Shadow Terminals around the Earth at the cost of other people's lives or have him betray his own subordinates like Exhaus did to Bowzock.  Either way, there are many more ways to write Zed better than he ever was in the show.


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