Four Reasons Why I Think Fiveman Is Way Better Than Magiranger!

After initially thinking Magiranger would be better than Fiveman but I was so wrong.  Even if Fiveman might be considered as the weakest of Hirohisa Soda's seasons (and I am so looking forward to Gogo Five), I still felt like Fiveman is a better series than that of Magiranger.  Now it's time to compare the Hoshikawa Family to the Ozu Family.

The siblings

While Fiveman might be viewed as Soda's weakest season but I thought Fiveman has a way better sibling Super Sentai team.  I always thought regardless which Fiveman sibling it is, they are all a likable cast with Ken being my top favorite of the Hoshikawa siblings.  Even at his weakest, Soda was able to create a good cast of characters.  Magiranger tends to go exaggerated and if anybody brings the whole show down, it's HOUKA.  It's really something to see Houka is so unusually stupid she's even dumber than Natsuki for me.  I got to admit, I don't think I even have a favorite in Magiranger!  I always felt that the Ozu family isn't really all that appealing to me.

Mecha execution

What I also like Fiveman over Magiranger is the mecha execution.  Fiveman isn't really great but just having Five Robo, Star Five and Magmabase was enough.  Magiranger had many add ons I felt like it ruined the show plus I think the writing is just plain horrible.  I know Sentai last decade had some mecha overload but if they are handled properly, you won't get a disaster like Magiranger.


I always felt like Fiveman's villains even if they may feel silly or what, I even think the idiots like Garoa and Dongoros was more entertaining than most of Infershia.  For Infershia, I felt like most of them were too flat or maybe it's just the show bores me.  They were probably just a bunch of wannabes to the Gaoranger's Three Highnesses and I felt like that Fiveman's villains even at their most stupid, had more personality than Infershia.  Maybe it's just me and I can't really elaborate but I felt like Branken, Memmy and Dagon didn't have much personality compared to Zone.


Fiveman had what some considered annoying as the Fiveman Puppets (accompanied by a Garoa puppet) as a temporary gimmick.  For me, the puppets were far more tolerable than Houka's constant stupidity because she practically screws things up a lot and she doesn't even see herself as a troublemaker.  The Fivemen have their accountability whenever they screw up which balances the humor in Fiveman.  Magiranger's humor IMO really fails to amuse me.


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