Jetman's Villains And Their Possible Symbolism Per Character

I wrote a post on Jetman and the possible meanings behind the monsters-of-the-week, now I'd like to talk about the villains themselves.

Count Radiguet... ah that big bastard of a complete monster right?  I always thought that since he was pretty much a live version of Gatchaman Fighter's Count Egobossler (who was human), he had always shown signs of immense cruelty.  He represents somehow the judgment of fallen humanity with his justification that "Humans are bastards." while he also represents hypocrisy, because his actions are no different than the very humans he hates.  I always thought he's also a hypocrite when it comes to keeping Maria around... and I felt creepy every time he touched her face or something, what was he thinking?  He may also be the the embodiment of treachery considering he got rid of Juuza and Tranza by betrayal.  Not to mention, every time he gets a chance to be redeemed, he just... throws it away!  He may also represent progressive evil and uttermost insanity considering he's prone to doing crazy stuff like just kill people for his own pleasure plus.  Overall, it feels like he's really evil incarnate right?  

Tranza somehow symbolizes a lot of stuff whether he was both Tran or Tranza.  As Tran, he embodies the frustrated, bitter childhood especially with playful but dangerous schemes.  When he was bullied by his fellow Vyram, he grows up to become Tranza using whatever power he had, becoming an instant glorious leader.  However he had one huge symbolism that Radiguet had said, "A shooting star is always destined to fall!"  Tranza went from child to adult in such a short amount of time, he made his former comrades bow down to him yet it also became his downfall.  He was a child in an adult's body which even if he sprang out as a real challenge, deep within he was still immature and resentful. 

Maria may represent the forgotten past as well as conflict between personalities.  She used to be Rie Aoi but for some creepy reason, she was brainwashed and made into a Vyram.  Was she a Vyram to begin with and met her happiness on Earth, only to become a Vyram again?  The show never explains but Maria's actions seem to be linked to a forgotten past.  Her monsters were usually motivated by envy especially against other women.  The Camera Jigen was apparently a result of envy.  The Diamond Jigen was partly based on envy as people fought over it while it also caused people to go greedy.  The Mirror Jigen was based on vanity.  She also struggles between her Vyram identity that she hates Ryu/Red Hawk and that her former persona, Rie, truly loves the hero.  I really felt sorry for her.  Why Radiguet was obsessed with her is pretty much unexplained.

Gure for me represents the noble villain, that deep within the cold metal shell, he is not really that evil compared to the rest of his comrades.  Even if he's a villain, he could care less about the game and chose to side with Maria no matter what happens.  He would do anything to protect Maria's happiness, even if it meant to let her go.  He was always willing to put his life at the risk just to protect Maria maybe representing the idea, "Even villains have loved ones." which sets him aside from Radiguet's progressive evil.


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